Dakeng Scenic Area

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  • Phone:+886 04-22289111#58511
  • Address:Ln. 383, Sec. 1, Dongshan Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Dakeng Scenic Area is located at Taichung's Beitun District, on Dongshan Road, Section 1, Lane 383. It covers an area of 3,300 hectares and sits at 112 to 860 meters above sea level. It is the back garden of Taichung. It was also originally a living area for the Pingu people. Later, the Hakka came along for development. The area contains a total of 12 trails, and on each trail the flowers are fragrant and you can see ferns, pines, tung blossoms, and more. Animals that can be encountered include birds, monkeys, and insects. The area features wooden plank paths, pavilions, monkey conservation area, children's recreation facilities, tables and chairs, rest station, camping area, restrooms, training grounds, and other facilities. 
Attractions located nearby include Heisong Pavilion, Jungong Liao, Gaofeng Pavilion, Toukeshan, Changqing Bridge, an anniversary monument, Dadushan Mountain Range, and Fendongshi Forest Park. Toukeshan is located at the highest point of Trail No.4, with an elevation of 859 meters above sea level. Trail No.4 is also the most challenging trail out of all the trails at Dakeng, and takes approximately two to three hours to traverse. One section features 300 meters of steep incline. There are no trees or shelters, only ropes on both sides to hold onto. It will test any traveler's endurance and physical stamina, and is also called "Ruanjiao Slope". 


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Directions :
By Bus :
1. Take Ren-Yo Bus(仁友客運) route 21,31 in front of Taichung First Plaza(台中第一廣場) to Zhongxinling(中興嶺) direction, exit Dakeng Stop(大坑站)

By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Daya offramp(大雅交流道), connect to Huanzhon Rd(環中路), turn right on to Songzhu Rd Sect 2(松竹路二段), then turn left to Dongshan Rd(東山路) to reach.
2. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Taichung Port Rd offramp(中港交流道), connect to Taichung Port Rd(中港路), turn left to Wenshin Rd(文心路), turn again to Dongshan Rd(東山路) to reach.