Tapung Castle

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  • Address:7th Neighborhood, Yufeng, Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County 313, Taiwan View on Map
Seeing baroque-styled walls on Taiwan's mountaintops will surely have you wondering: did I just step into another era? It simply looks surreal. However, if you were to know of its true origins, it wouldn't be a romantic story at all. Jianshi's Tapung Castle, is also commonly known as Mount Lidong Fort. Tapung means "snow-covered mountaintop", and during the Japanese occupation it was used to control and supervise local indigenous tribes. It's located at the boundary of Hsinchu County and Taoyuan County, and the wide field of view provided allows you to easily observe the nearby tribes. The castle was built in the Baroque-style, which was popular at the time. After many long years, only the four surrounding walls and front gate are left standing among the wild grass. There's no doubt that it was once mighty and majestic in the past, however the bullet holes riddling the walls serve as a constant reminder of the tragedy of anti-Japanese resistance. To head for the mountain's hiking entrance, first head towards Lidong Villa and park there. Next hike for around an hour and a half, and you'll reach the castle. Wild grass grows everywhere along the way, and it's hard to imagine that this was once a battlefield between the indigenous peoples and the Japanese. Perhaps you'll discover a gravestone on the mountaintops, obscured by the weeds. Along with the now desolate castle, it's a solemn and tragic witness to the war. 


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1.Nat'l Hwy3→Exit at the Zhulin Interchange→county Rd 120→Jianshih Bridge→Yulao→Mamei Road
2.Nat'l Hwy3→Exit at the Guanxi Interchange→county Rd 118→Prov. Hwy 3→county Rd 120→Jianshih Bridge→Yulao→Mamei Road