Alice's Garden

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  • Phone:+886 04 859 0909
  • Address:No.167, Zhongshan Rd., Fenyuan Township, Changhua County 502, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Alice's Garden is located at No.167, Zhongshan Road, in Changhua County's Fenyuan Township. Fenyuan is famous for producing lychee, pineapple, and rice flour noodles, which are known as "Fenyuan's Three Treasures". Amongst them, lychee is the most produced. Alice's Garden was established during Minguo year 101, and is the country's first lychee-themed park. featuring a lychee plaza, sea of flowers, mountain-viewing terrace, gift shops, and other areas and facilities, in addition to small trains, wooden bridges, ponds, and more. A wide variety of colorful flowers are planted here in the garden, and are quite beautiful. Every attraction is unique and possesses their own characteristics. They are perfect for visitors who enjoy photography. One may also bring water equipment to come and play. There's also a restaurant and souvenir shop. The restaurnt provides lychee parties, afternoon tea, beverages, and other meals. 


Opening Hours
Everyday 09:00-17:00

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◎ 彰化火車站→至火車站旁彰化客運站搭乘往草屯方向6909、6917、6918,在社口站下車,
◎ 員林火車站→至火車站旁彰化客運搭乘往員林方向6923,在祥光寺站下車,往下步行5分
◎ 彰化客運路線及時刻表:

◎ 國道三號,在草屯/芬園交流道往芬園方向出口下來,接台14線往彰南路方向→台14丁彰南路
   三段→右轉接中山路→就是愛荔枝樂園Alice's Garden (芬園休閒體健園區)即可抵達。