Baoshan Reservoir

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  • Address:Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County 308, Taiwan View on Map
The main function of Baoshan Reservoir, otherwise known as "Bamboo Garden", is to provide water for the science park nearby, with sightseeing and tourism only being incidental. As a result of there not being many people, all the buildings and vendors have retained a simplistic appearance. During the tung blossom season around April and May, you should take a walk on the lake trail. The white blossom petals scattered by the wind all over are just like snowflakes, and it's quite romantic. Because the workers at Hsinchu Science Park are quite busy with their work, they don't have much time to chat or socialize, and therefore many fellowship activities are often held at the Shahuli Art Village near the reservoir. The lake scenery and the tung blossoms can be admired at the same time. With such a great environment, the success rate is high! Aside from couples, anglers also like to fish at Baoshan Reservoir. You can encounter many scooters arranged neatly on the shore end of the suspension bridge: they belong to those who have arrived early to secure a good spot, so that they may show off their angling skills. The lake trail is not that long, with the suspension bridge serving as the turning point. You can enjoy the scenery as you walk, it'll take only 1 hour for a round trip. Shahuli Art Village contains the immediate area's only garden restaurant, and many people will come here to rest, while admiring the view of the mountains and the lake. 


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Hsinchu Interchange→Prov. Hwy 3→Erzhongpu→Syuefu Rd
TRA Hsinzhu Station→take Hsinzhu Bus to Baoshan, get off at the Shuiku(Reservoir) stop