Lukang Ai Gate

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  • Phone:120.433046
  • Address:Houche Ln., Lukang Township, Changhua County 505, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Lukang Ai Gate is located within Changhua County's Lukang Town, in Luojin Li, Houche Lane. It was established during the Daoguang Reign of the Qing Dynasty. The gate is a characteristic of traditional early Taiwanese settlements. It can be considered to be a type of self-defense measure for the common folk. It is open during the day and closed at night. Only a small hole is left in order to observe those who enter and exit. In the past, Lukang was home to several "Ai Gates". In addition to warding off thieves and robbers, they also acted as limits to an area, with defense and buffering functions. There are granite slabs spread on the ground for vehicles to pass through, and transported goods must be carried by manpower in order to reach the main street. The Ai Gate can be classified into three parts: the boundary gate at the surrounding streets, the alley gate located within the alleys, and a gate located at Wufu Street (modern day Zhongshan Road). Due to urban correction during the Japanese occupation era, the Ai Gates in the Lukang area were demolished in succession. Now, only the Ai Gate neary Houche Lane has been left behind as a monument. 


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