Baiguoshan Scenic Area

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  • Phone:+886 04-8347171
  • Address:No.12, Chushui Ln., Yuanlin City, Changhua County 510, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Baiguoshan Scenic Area is located at Changhua County's Yuanlin City, on No.12, Chushui Lane. During the Japanese occupation era, it was a shrine. After Taiwan's independence, it was turned into a scenic area. Due to its large orchard, nearly a hundred different species of fruits are grown, hence its name "Baiguoshan" (meaning "Hundred Fruit Mountain"). It belongs to both the Tri-Mountain National Park Scenic Area and Bagua Shan. Songbai Ridge is part of Bagua Mountain Scenic Area as well. Baighuoshan is mainly planted with fruits such as lychee and star fruit, and a large amount of its produced fruits are used to make perserved honey or sugar foods. Perserved foods mainly utilize plums, Chinese olives, mangoes, dates, cherries, and other fruits. In addition, the scenic area features facilities such as a children's play area, with banana-shaped slides, elephant slides, pineapple and pumpkin shaped houses, and more equipment unique to Baiguoshan, climbing facilities, swings, skating rink, and others. The slides are all built along the hillside, with the longest being 75 meters in length. When sliding, remember to wear trousers to reduce friction! 


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Directions :

By Car
From the Highwayno.1 Yuanlin Interchange
Proceed onto the No 148 County Rd. to Yuanlin. 
Proceed along Yuansui Road and you will reach the destination.

By Bus
Take the Yuanlin or Changhua Express Bus bound for Baiguoshan and get off at the Baiguoshan stop.