Lukang Folk Arts Museum

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  • Phone:+886 04 777 2019
  • Address:No.152, Zhongshan Rd., Lukang Township, Changhua County 505, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Lukang Folk Arts Museum can be found at Changhua County's Lukang Township, on Zhongshan Road, No.152, in the back alley of Lukang Street. Lukang's Gu Family was one of Taiwan's five prominent families, and their family originated with Gu Xianrong. During the Japanese occupation era, the current governor-general granted the Gu family permission to build a house in Lukang. Gu Xiangrong successfully managed to acquire much salt, sugar, opium, camphor, and other goods through business, all while  engaging in land development and financial undertakings. To this day, the family still plays a pivotal role in Taiwan's political and business circles. The private Lukang Folk Arts Museum was built in 1919 in an antique style. It's architectural style is quite detailed, and houses a painting collection, cultural relics, donations from the Lukang townspeople, folk relics from Taiwan, paintings from the Kangxi period, paintings by contemporary artists, calligraphy, historical documents, folk paintings, and more. 


Opening Hours
"Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00
Friday to Saturday 09:00-18:00
Monday closed"

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Transportation Directions

Address: No. 152, Chungshan Rd., Lukang Township (Driving direction: Turn right to Fuxing Road from Section 8, Zhanglu Road, turn left to Guanqian Street till reach the entrance to the ticketing office of the museum)

By tour bus or car:
Approx 30-40 mins to drive from Changhua Interchange to Lukang Township. 
1.Take Sec. 5, Sec. 6, Sec. 7 and Sec. 8 ZhangLu Rd., 
2. Turn right onto FuXing Rd. from Sec. 8, ZhangLu Rd., 
3.Turn left onto GuanQian St. 
4. You will see a 8,595 sq.m. vast greenery right in front of our museum 5. Free parking space for large tour bus on the right side and dozens of free car parking lots. 

By Taiwan High Speed Rail(THSR):

1. Take THSR and get off at Taichung Station.

2. Once you exist the station, transfer to bus (look for bus stop sign No.5 on ground floor of THSR) till you take off at TSC (Taiwan Sugar Corporation) train station. 

3. It takes about 56 minutes from THSR Taichung Station to TSC.

4. Exit the station, walk and turn right onto Chungshan Rd.

5. Walk straight till you hit alley 74, take a right turn and walk for 6 mins, we are located right there. 



By bus:

(Taichung to Lukang):

1. Take Ho-Hsin bus to Taichung station (or Taichung Chaoma Bus Terminal).

2. Transfer to Zhonglu Bus, approx 45 minutes later get off at the town hall right side bus stop on Minquan Rd., Lukang.  

3. Turn left onto Chungshan Rd., till you reach HeXing police station. 

4. Walk into the lane by the police station till the end. Turn left at the exit of the lane, our museum ticketing office is located there.

(From Changhua Station to Lukang):

1.From Changhua station, take the Changhua Bus to Lukang. 

2.After passing Lukang, Changhua Bus Terminal, get off at "pre-market" bus stop in Chungshan Rd.  

3.Walk straight to "Ding Mansion" opposite the Chang Hwa Bank (No. 137 Chungshan Road.)

4.Walk into the mansion till you reach the rear gate of the mansion, exist the mansion, take a left turn. The museum ticking office is right there. Alternately, walk along the lane by the HeXing police station. Follow the winding lane, turn right then turn left. Exit the lane and turn left. You can see the museum ticketing office right there. 

By walking:

1. From WenWu Temple Lukang, walk onto Sec. 8 Zhanglu Road.

2. Walk straight to Chungshan Rd.,turn right onto Lane 74 Chungshan Rd.

3. Exit the lane and turn left. You can see the museum right there. 
(Alternately, walk into the Ding mansion and exit the mansion’s rear door and turn left. You can see the ticking office of the museum)