Wenzai Village Fishing Port

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  • Address:Yugang Rd., Xianxi Township, Changhua County 507, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Wenzai Village Fishing Port is located in Changhua County's Xianxi Township, on Yugang Road. Wenzai Village was originally a low-lying seaside wetland with many lagoons. The early people used the lagoons for fishing and aquaculture. Later, after the development of Zhangbin Industrial Park, a man-made port was built in the southwest corner of the village. It's a fishing port on the smaller scale, and one must wait until high-tide to be able to enter. As a result, it's also known as "Houchao Gang" (After-Tide Port). In addition, the Qing'an Waterway was established in the middle to connect the western part of the sea, along with the fresh fish, shrimp, and crabs caught by the fishermen. During weekends and holidays, this small port is flooded with visitors, and the amount of visitors coming to enjoy the seafood is steadily increasing. Fishing boats that have headed out to sea return to the port around three to four in the afternoon. Catches include seasonal grey mullet, shrimb, crab, shellfish, cuttlefish, squid, and more. The port is divided into two sections: the marine products section and the dining section. When you have finished selecting the products you would like to eat, you may directly ask stores to help you cook. The dining area includes many foods, ranging from oyster omelets to clam soup, fried shrimp, and fried crab, just to name a few. 


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Everyday 09:00-17:00

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