Gukeng Green Tunnel

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  • Phone:+886 05 552 3181
  • Address:Nanzi, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County 646, Taiwan (R.O.C.) View on Map
Gukeng Green Tunnel is located at Yunlin's Gukeng Township, on Nanzi Road. The tunnel spans 2 kilometers in length, and mango trees, aged approxiately 50 years old, stand planted on both sides of the road. The resulting shade forms a green tunnel. The tunnel features a large piece of green turf, miniature Taiwan Sugar Train, and more. The train's tracks, stations, and carriages are all quite unique in characteristics. The Gukeng Township Project plans to combine the landscape with the minature train, and has also planned a wedding location and cultural landscape park. This combination of park, tunnel, and railway would be known as "Lanshu Avenue", and provides bicycle rentals. Markets are located on both sides of the tunnel, featuring a wide variety of food stalls and street performers. The resident shops and stalls include Turkish ice cream, handmade lemongrass soap, Gukeng coffee, massages, coffee beans, and tea, just to name a few. Nearby locations include the 228 Memorial Park and Honey Museum. 


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2、國道一號:雲林系統交流道轉 78 號快速道路→台三線(古坑)交流道下→即可到達古坑鄉綠色隧道。
4、國道三號:古坑系統交流轉78 號快速道路→台三線(古坑)交流道下→即可到達古坑鄉綠色隧道。