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600 NTD

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Bubble Football (Soccer)
Bubble Football(Soccer)
Let the collisions begin!

Imagine that you are a huge bubble. Your skin is indestructible, and you need to get a ball into a goal at all costs. You can smash all obstacles and all of your friends out of your way in order to accomplish your one goal. This will be the most ridiculous game of football (soccer) you have ever played! 
The world of football is coming to Hualien! We have a large field for all of you to smash into each other with no rules in sight. Enjoy the sport in any way you want. Kick the ball, floor friends, or roll around on the ground. It's all up to you!

※ This activity takes place at the Country View BnB, if the number of people is higher than 15, your group will be moved to the Happy Farm station.
This activity requires at least 6 people to reserve a spot.  If you have any other or different needs for your trip, please contact Xtreme Taiwan, and we will tailor our services to your needs.
Playing Bubble Football.
<Experience Time>
About 1 hour
<Age Restriction>
Participants of any age are welcome.
Comprises: Bubble football equipment 
Excludes: round-trip transportation costs to the venue, personal expenses. 
<Number of rows>
6 people needed to make the trip
<Set Time and Place>
When reserving paintball activities, please reserve half an hour ahead of the time you wish to play.
Meeting point is the Country View Bed and Breakfast (鄉貌民宿) (Ji'an Township, Hualien County, Zhikaxuan Blvd, Sec 2, no. 199)
※ If your group is larger than 15 people, you will be moved to the Happy Farm venue.
<Destination Information>

<Notes and Other Considerations>
1. Follow instructions. The guide will not be held responsible for accidents resulting from someone not listening to instructions.
2. Make sure the participants agreed upon a pick-up place and time. You will not receive a refund if you are late.
3. If you do not go on the trip or arrive on the day, you waive your right to a refund.
4. If there is a typhoon or similar circumstance that necessitates cancelling the trip, your dates will be changed, or if you want to cancel entirely, you will receive full refunds.
If you wish to cancel your registration because of unavoidable circumstances, please contact Xtreme Taiwan through customer service; phone or e-mail. Administrative fees will be charged and you may receive a full or partial refund according to the following criteria:
1. A full refund can be granted upon cancellation two full days before the activity is set to start. Please contact Xtreme Taiwan.
2. Cancellation will not be accepted within two days of the activity, and trip fees will be non-refundable. Please contact Xtreme Taiwan.
3. Changes to the trip schedule and included activities can be made 7 days in advance. Please contact Xtreme Taiwan.