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【Heavy Motorcycle Trip】Cultural Delicacy Taipei Tour
Heavy Motorcycle Trip: Cultural  Delicacy Taipei Tour
Frozen History- Ri Xing Type Foundry
and Danshui Gourmet Delicacy

Ri Xing Type Foundry:
Taiwan’s only letterpress printing shop.
When you enter the store, it’s as if time itself has stopped.
The unique lead calligraphic font is one-of-a-kind.
Whether it be for a gift or for making your own personal seal,
both are exquisite options.
It’s a king-like activity.
It will transport you back to the glorious days of the 80’s.
Next, the trip will take you to the elegant and stylish town of Danshui. 
The food samples here are all mouth-wateringly delicious:
Danshui Ah Gei.
Fried shrimp rolls.
Huwei Douhua.
You can marvel the Guanyin Mountain from a distance.
Enjoy the scenic beauty of the riverbank.
The Leisurely Cultural Delicacy Tour
Starts here.

Trip highlights:

Ri Xing Type Foundry cultural tour
Danshui delicacies
Professional local drivers accompanying you to eat, drink, and have a good time.

Trip Itinerary:
9:00 departure
→Arrive at designated locations in central Taipei and happily depart.
→First head towards unique history—the Ri Xing Type Foundry.
→ Then follow the riverbank to the stylish and beautiful town of Danshui.
→Taste and enjoy a wide variety of delicious snacks, enjoy the famous Danshui riverside scenery.
→When the experience ends, you will be taken back.
This activity can accommodate a minimum of 1 person, up to a maximum of 20. If your group requirements are different, please directly contact Xtreme Taiwan. We will immediately arrange a suitable course plan for you.

※It only takes one person to book this trip, but we can usually cater to a maximum of 20 people. If you have different requirements, please Contact Us at Xtreme Taiwan and we will tailor our services to your needs.
Enjoy the thrill of riding heavy motorcycles, visit the famous Ri Xing Type Foundry, taste Danshui local delicacies, enjoy the scenery. 
<Experience Time>
About 4 hours
<Age Restriction>
12 years old (or more)
Comprises: vehicle resources, gas, navigation service charge, safety equipment (helmet), free high-speed Wi-Fi, 2 million NT risk insurance .
Excludes: meal costs, tickets, parking fees. 
<Number of Rows>
1 person minimum, 20 person maximum
<Set Time and Place>
Meet at 09:00
Location: Central Taipei hotels or designated location (Wanhua District, Zhongzheng District, Daan District,  Datong District, Xinyi District, Zhongshan District, Songshan District). 
<Supplier Information>
Company Name: king-like activity (王樣活動)
<Notes and Other Considerations>
1. You cannot pick which motorcycle or driver is assigned to you.
2. You will be paired with a certified heavy motorcycle rider, and you will be their passenger.
3. You can take pictures of yourself on the motorbike, but you cannot drive the motorbike for safety reasons.
4. We will decide whether weather conditions are safe enough for this trip on the morning that we meet. If it is raining too much or the roads are too wet, the trip will be cancelled.
5. For your safety, please don't wear sleeveless clothing, a skirt, a dress, sandals, flip-flops, or very short shorts.
6. Please DO NOT swing from side to side, shake the driver, take off your helmet, throw objects, or endanger pedestrians in any way as we reserve the right to cancel the trip and not refund you if you perform any of these actions.
7. If you are late or if you want to extend the time of the trip beyond the set 8 hours, or if your actions result in the trip ending later than the set ending time, we will charge an additional 500ntd per driver per hour after the end mark.
8. In order to sign up for the necessary insurance for this trip, you'll need to provide your name, birth date, and ID number. If you are a foreigner, please provide your passport number. If you are of Chinese nationality, please provide your Taiwan Entry Permit Number.
9. Please pay attention to the instructions of your driver, and follow their instructions exactly. If any accidents result from an inability to follow directions, the drivers will not be held responsible.
10. Please be on time. If you are late or do not arrive, we reserve the right to not give you a refund, and will most likely not refund you.
11. If you fail to show up, you automatically waive your right to a refund.
If you wish to cancel your registration because of unavoidable circumstances, please contact Xtreme Taiwan through customer service; phone or e-mail. Administrative fees will be charged and you may receive a full or partial refund according to the following criteria:
1. A full refund can be granted upon cancellation two full days before the activity is set to start. Please contact Xtreme Taiwan.
2. Cancellation will not be accepted within two days of the activity, and trip fees will be non-refundable. Please contact Xtreme Taiwan.
3. Changes to the trip schedule and included activities can be made 7 days in advance. Please contact Xtreme Taiwan.