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East Coast Kayaking {Dawn}
Yilan's Special!
East coast kayaking (dawn session)

Wuyanjiao is a cape in the Pacific Ocean between Nanfang'ao and Dong'ao, surrounded by huge boulders. The beach next to Wuyanjiao is quiet and a good spot to watch stars, alone in nature, away from all the noise and stress of the cities. If you get a chance to stay here overnight, the chances are that you’ll see one of life’s amazing views, the milky way! So grab your oars and head for Wuyanjiao.

You might have climbed up to the top of a mountain just to see the amazing view, or stood on a cape to gaze at an island or coastline far away, or flown on a plane, looking down at the island of Taiwan, but I bet you've never gone to sea on a kayak to see the beauty of Taiwan! 

This summer, as well as outings on foot, by train or by bike, try something different! Grab a kayak and head out to sea. Feel the movement of the ocean, row with your coach and mates, splash each others’ faces with cold water - you will see the Taiwan you've never seen, and experience something you've never done before.

Are you ready to change the way you explore Taiwan? Grab your oars - let's see Taiwan from another angle!

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instructions on shore
kayaking along the coast along Daong'ao and Wuyanjiao
exploring the manless beach

activity introduction: 

→ Meet at Dong'ao train station (東澳火車站)
→ Kayak & safety instructions on the beach
→ Kayak from Dong'ao Bay to Dong'ao Wave-cut Cave and Wuyanjiao Beach
→ Rest in the cave
→ Return to Dong'ao Beach(東澳灘)

<Experience Time>
about 3.5-4.5 hours, including preparation and instruction, the round trip is about 7 km.
After the break, if the sea condition by the southern winds are getting strong, the alternate destination is to Neipi Beach (內埤海灘) in Su'ao (蘇澳), which will make the total round trip distance to about 11km, estimate duration 4-5 hours.

Compromises: Kayak, life jacket, safety equipment, instructor fee
Excludes: Snacks and drinks , transportation to meeting point

<Number of Rows>
8 people can make the trip 

<Age Restriction>
Ages 6-10 will not hold a paddle and will share a boat with two other adults, half price discount. 
Ages 11 and above will be counted as an adult. 

<Supplier Information>
Go Kayaking Studio

<Set Time and Place>
Time: 5am. Please be punctual.
Meeting Point: Dong'ao Train Station (東澳火車站).

<Destination Information>
→By train: It is a local station which has less direct trains, it is suggested to get indirect train to Dong'ao Train Station (東澳火車站).
→Leaving From Taipei: You can take Kamalan Bus (http://www.kamalan.com.tw/route.php) or Capital Bus (http://www.capital-bus.com.tw/yilan/businfo.html)heading for towns: Luodong(羅東), Su'aoxin(蘇澳新) or Yilan(宜蘭) Station in Yilan, and then take the local train to Dong'ao Train Station(東澳火車站).
→By car: From Taiwan, take Hwy. 3 and transfer to Hwy. 5 >>> get off at the end, turn right onto Masai Rd.>>> turn left onto Zhongshan Rd Sec. 2>>>turn left onto Zhongshan Rd Sec. 1>>>turn right onto Suhua Rd. Sec. 5, continue to Sec. 3>>> turn right onto Dongyue Rd.

<Notes and Other Considerations> 
1. Be punctual! Once the group has left for the beach, the latecomers will NOT be able to join or get any refund.
2. The ratio of coaches and tourists is 1:10, please do follow the instructions. One more coach will be added if there are more tourists. We do not take any responsibilities for your behavior when you: disobey the instructions, disconnect yourself from the group.
3. Each tourist will be provided one kayak seat, one paddle and one life jacket. It is very important that you keep the life jacket on before you get off the kayak.
4. Suggested outfit: sporty shirts and pants/shorts (please avoid wearing cotton material or jeans that easily obsorb water), sandals or wading shoes (do not wear slippers or flip flops), sunglasses, caps, sun block lotion, rain boat or water proof jacket (optional).
5. Bring additional clothes for change.
6. What else to prepare: 1-2 liters of water, snacks (if you would like). Alcohol is PROHIBITED.
7.It is suggested that you put on suitable outfit before heading to the beach. (There is no changing room at the beach)
8. If you forget to bring your own water and snacks, there is a convenience store next to the train station.
9. Motion sickness pills is suggested taken for tourists who may get seasick.
10. If you wear glasses, it is suggested to put on a strap.
11. All personal belonging should be cautiously kept, especially electric devices should be sealed in water proof bags.
12. Keep your own personal bags tied to the kayak incase you lose it into the water.
13.For your own safety, please keep a distance from other kayaks.
14. Time and date may be changed due to the weather condition for safety reasons. We can help you rearrange the reservation or there will be a full refund without any additional charge if you wish to withdraw. It is suggested that you have a flexible schedule.
15. It the weather and sea conditions allow, tourists are welcome to enjoy the beach, however, for safety reasons please keep the life jacket on if you are in water. For other more risky actions such as rock climbing, diving from high are strictly prohibited. Thank you for your understanding.
16. When you accidentaly fall out from the kayak, the first thing is to remain calm, hold on to the kayak and wait for the coach to approach you. There is no need to panic, your life jacket will keep your shoulders above the water surface. If you would like to know more about self rescue method you can click the following link for more information <http://gyakushu.myweb.hinet.net/new_page_29.htm>
17.Leave no trace, do not take anything away, do not touch any sea lives.

Within 24 hours of you booking the package, besides the automatic confirmation e-mail, we will personally send you a confirmation that the date and time of the booking is available. If the schedule you desire is unavailable, we will assist you to reschedule, or your payment can be refunded if you wish. Thank you for your understanding.
If you wish to cancel your booking by any events of non-force majeures, please contact our customer service hotline or e-mail, pleae note in some activities fare administration fee shall be deducted in our refund policy:
1. to cancel your booking 7 or more days in advance - full refund. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
2. to cancel your booking 0-2 days in advance - no refund or cancellation. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
3. to cancel your booking 3-6 days in advance - no refund but can transfer to different persons. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.