9 Days
48000 NTD

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9 Days Extremely Deep Tour
How about you take some time to travel? Take full advantage of the landscapes, the sensation of the sun on the skin, the soft sea wind in your hair, roam a region without damaging the environment. Cycling is the new favorite way of travel for travelers. 

Did you know that Taiwan is a cyclist's paradise?
You had never thought of setting foot on this small island? So why not embark on an adventure to discover a country away from tourism in respect of its environment?

Taiwan is an unique place. Combining the Chinese and Japanese cultures, the country is 60% covered with vegetation. The richness of its fauna will dazzle you. Thousands of species of butterflies, birds, monkeys, green turtles.

You will also be impressed by the diversity of its landscapes! Natural hot springs, mountains, pineapple fields, sandy beaches, corals. How can such a small country accommodate so many wonders?

Now Xtreme Taiwan offers a 340 km bike loop, on the east coast of the island, the most beautiful and wild. Imagine, you're already there. Pedal through idyllic landscapes, relax at the end of the day in a hot spring. Join the evening camp for a night in the countryside.

What else can you dream of?


<Tour Duration>
9 days

<Guaranteed Departures>
Minimum 6 people.
<Meeting time and place>
Meeting time: 08:00a.m.
Meeting Point:
1. Hualien City 
(assembly address will be informed after payment completed).
<Participant's Requirements>
1. Suitable for ages 12 and above.
2. Due to safety measures, please ensure that you’re in physically good health. This activity is not suitable for participants with prevailing heart conditions, chronic illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, epilepsy and pregnancy. Please do not register.

<Important Notice>
1. Rooms for accommodation are 2 persons/room, two single beds. Additional charge for a single room is NTD8,000.
2. Tents can be arranged 1 person/ten or 2 persons/tent, without an additional charge.
3. Camp gear includes: tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, lamp.
4. Hotels maybe different when fully booked, therefore completing the payment of deposit as early as possible is suggested.
5. Each bike comes with a waterproof saddle bag, or bikers can bring their own.
6. To preserve our beautiful Earth, we will prepare re-usable dining ware for every biker. A re-usable water bottle is also highly suggested to bring.
7. Summer sun can be harmful, please take precautions.

<Tour Includes & Excludes>
entrance fee, aboriginal tribe experience fee, hiking permit application fees, camping gear, touring bicycle rental (MERIDA/GIANT), travel insurance, a leading guide, a support guide . Support van provides biking supplies.

Personal expenses, alcohol beverage, parading activity.

<Activity Map>

<Notes and Other Considerations>
1. Activity may be altered due to participants/ equipment situations and weather conditions, to deliver a safe and satisfying experience to all participants.
2. Do not venture off to difficult terrains without guidance to prevent any accidents.
3. If there is a bad weather during the expedition, please follow the instructions of the coach and leader.
4. Always stay together as a team and assist others, do not venture off on your own.
5. For unforeseen factors such as typhoons, earthquakes or downpours, Uniquefun reserves the right to defer or cancel a scheduled tour.
6. Changes due to unforeseen factors will be notified via phone calls.

Please note that after your order has been completed, you will receive an auto-reply email. Within 24 hours, you will be contacted by another email and be asked to fill out passenger information, including: name and date of birth (for insurance purposes), customer identification number (enter Taiwanese certification number), mobile contact number, email, or QQ. Thank you for your cooperation.