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700 NTD

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Create Your Own Pottery!
You Shouldn't Miss This!
Wheel throwing in Yingge

Do you still remember the feeling of mud held in your hands when you were a little boy or girl? 
You could change that natural and simple thing into whatever shape you wanted.
Head to Yingge's ancient streets and rekindle the fun, enjoying the moment as you press the pedal and turn the clay into your very own creation. Then grab your brush and use your creativity to paint it with your own design.
It takes a while for the clay to be fired in a kiln, but be patient; it's worth waiting for your beautiful piece of art to be fired; only the blaze will create a strong and lovely finished piece.
Let's go to Yingge and discover the prosperity of pottery culture in Taiwan.

※ Minimun people to proceed this package: 1
Clay tea cup/bowl wheel throwing
Chinese tea pot glazing

<Experience Time>
about 2.5 hours

<Age Restrictions>
no limits

1. clay for wheel throwing (including the cost of 5-10 days kiln processing)
2. a Chinese tea pot & materials of glazing (including the cost of 3 days kiln processing)
*Please note that this package takes about "10 days" of  kiln processing, the store provides domestic & international delivery with an additional charge. You can also choose to pick up in person.
1. transport to Yingge
2. charge of delivery

<Supplier Information>
Store: Taoyi Taoyi Workshop 陶驛陶藝社
Address: No. 439, Jianguo Rd, Yingge District, New Taipei City 新北市鶯歌區建國路439號
Tel: 02-2679-6674

<Set Time and Place>
Monday to Sunday, arrive after 09:00, before 15:00.

<Destination Information>
1.By train: To Yingge, turn left when out from Jianguo road exit, in to Yingge Old Street,takes approximately 25-35 mins by trains from Taipei main train station(30-40 NTD), it costs roughly 120 NTD from the staion to the street.
2.By bus: No. 702 , Blue 19, No.917, get off at Yingge stop
3.By coach bus: Taoyuan coach 5005, get off at Yingge station

<Notes and Other Considerations> 
1. To avoid splashes of clay, avoid wearing white is advised. 
2. Keeping finger-nails short is also advised.
3. The kiln process will take 3-10 days, the cost  is already included. There will be no refund if you wish to leave with your clay work and Chinese tea pot without going through the kiln process.
4. Feel free to purchase other crafts you like in the shop. 

If you wish to cancel your booking by any events of non-force majeures, please contact our customer service hotline or e-mail, pleae note in some activities fare administration fee shall be deducted in our refund policy:
1. to cancel your booking 7 or more days in advance - full refund. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
2. to cancel your booking 0-2 days in advance - no refund or cancellation. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
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