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2500 NTD

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Underwater Paradise {15:00}
Discover Scuba Diving
Underwater Paradise (15:00)

※ This activity is designed for those who want to discover SCUBA diving, and an official certificate is not provided. It's suitable for those who are traveling for a short period of time or for who want to discover the ocean world for the very first time. Taking this course, you will be able to experience diving and to be closer to the sea.
Safety instructions will be given at the beginning. Both before and after you submerge in the water, your instructor will always assist and guide you during the dive, so all you really have to do is to breathe normally and enjoy the stunning view; leave the instructor to worry about the rest!

When it comes to aqua-activities , there's not only swimming,
Marine lives do not exist in aquariums and zoos,
Do you know how to breathe with ease in the water?
Do you know how to move freely like fish with fins?
Do you know what to do when you find yourself disoriented?
Scuba diving uses another techniques of breathing and moving.
Discover things from different angles and aspects, exploring a whole new different world!
In fact, travel doesn't have to be limited.
Do you realize that you've only been seeing one-third of the world, one-third of the happiness, and one-third of the fun? Two-thirds of our mother earth is covered with water, so we've only seen one-third or even less, so why not explore this unknown part of the world with us!!
Taiwan is surrounded by abundant marine life: you know there are loads of splendid high mountains and gorgeous rivers, but have you ever thought that there would be so many different kinds of fish and sea creatures living in the ocean around Taiwan?
Taiwan is located in a sub-tropical climate, with many ocean currents flowing around Taiwan every year, bringing all kinds of diverse sea life over.
Maybe you have already done snorkeling in Kenting, or around some of the islands near Taiwan, but this is just a small part of the sea.
Go a little further away from the shores, away from the crowds and a little deeper into the sea, you will be surrounded by coral reefs and schools of fish, and you will be so much closer to this amazing underwater world. Let's take back the two-thirds of forgotten world, and let's get ready to enjoy 100% of fun.

※ Would like to experience diving but it doesn't fit it in your schedule? That's alright, we have different hours to choose:

I want to sign up for <09:00 Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD)>Click Here
I want to sign up for <10:30 Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD)>Click Here
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※ If you accidentally fall in love with scuba diving after your first try and want to continue your diving adventure, there is a fantastic SCUBA diving course for you:

I want to sign up for <Open Water (OW) Course> to get my first dive certificateClick Here
equipment introduction & briefing

discover SCUBA diving
digital pictures of diving

activity introduction: 

→meet up at Taiwan Diving
→instructions, briefing & safety remindings
→gear up
→dicsover the fun fun underwater world!

<Experience Time>
about 2.5 - 3 hours

Comprises: equipment, insurance, instruction fee and shore to dive shop pick-ups
Excludes: meals, hotel-dive shop pick up

<Number of Rows>
1 person may make the trip 

<Age Restrictions>
12 or above

<Set Time and Place>
Time: 15:00
Taiwan Diving
Free Pick-up service can be arranged 
Pick-up locations, please check hereClick here (coming soon)
Pick-up service is not provided for some remote areas (please call and check with us)
Charge of 200 NTD for each non-diver
<Supplier Information>
Taiwan Diving 

<Destination Information>
Address: No. 118-5 , Daguang Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 946 (屏東縣恆春鎮大光里大光路118-5號)
Tel : 08-8867082
Mobile: 0927-755972
Manager: Dylan Chen

By Car:
Hwy 26 heading for kenting, turn left at the 7-11 at the corner soon after Longluan lake,fork left at Sisal industry exhibition onto 
Daguang Rd..

<Notes and Other Considerations> 
1. Be punctual, as a group, once the group has left for the beach, the latecomers will NOT be able to join or get any refund.
2. Notify in advance if you can't swim.
3. The ratio of instructor and students is 1:2. Make sure your follow the instructions. We do not take any responsibilities for your behavior when you: disobey the instructions, disconnect yourself from the group.
4. If you wear shortsighted glasses, it is suggested to wear disposable contact lenses and make sure you have a spare pair, we can also arrange you a mask of your sight prescription, just inform us in advance or let us know when you in the shop before we leave for the beach. 
5. Bring your own towel, health insurance card, USB stick or SD card to copy the pictures that we take of you underwater.
6. Suggested swimwear: swimming shorts/suit/bikini
7. Taking motion sickness pills is suggested 30 minutes in advance for people who might get seasick.
8. Attention: Chemical sun protection products kill sea lives, apply natural oil such as coconut oil or eating tomatoes to prevent tanning are highly recommended.
9. Plastic bags for your wet clothes after your dive.
10. Time and date may be changed due to the weather condition. We can help you rearrange the reservation or there will be a full refund without any additional charge if you wish to withdraw. It is suggested that you have a flexible schedule.
11. Leave no trace, do not take anything, do not touch any sea lives.

If you wish to cancel your booking by any events of non-force majeures, please contact our customer service hotline or e-mail, pleae note in some activities fare administration fee shall be deducted in our refund policy:
1. to cancel your booking 7 or more days in advance - full refund. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
2. to cancel your booking 0-2 days in advance - no refund or cancellation. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
3. to cancel your booking 3-6 days in advance - no refund but can transfer to different persons. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.