3 Hours
700 NTD

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Snorkeling in Penghu

The magnificent ocean view at Penghu is something you should not miss! 

Tired of watching the fishes swimming in the fish tank? Then DIVE IN! Enjoy the summer by getting on the boat and following our PADI certified instructors to begin the adventure of snorkeling on the ocean.

Incapable of swimming is not an issue. We will provide a lifejacket and, most importantly, our instructors will assist you safely while you enjoy the tour. Encounter the amazing fishes closely and take a closer look at the magnificent underworld. Release your stress and set free. All it requires is a leap out of the boat. Join us!! 

<Experience Time>
about 3 hours

<Age Restrictions>
5 years or above

Comprises: All equipment (wet suit, dive shoes, mask, snorkel, gloves), towel, shower, bottled water
Excludes: transportation to designation , other personal expense

<Business Details>
Store: Hai Zei Cheng (海賊城)
Address: No.1608, Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (澎湖縣馬公市鎖港里1608號)
Tel: 06-995-0895

<Set Time and Place>

<Designation Information>

<Notes and Other Considerations> 
1. Be punctual! Once the group has left for the beach, the latecomers will NOT be able to join or get any refund. We do not take any responsibilities for your behavior when you: disobey the instructions, disconnect yourself from the group.
2. If you wear shortsighted glasses, it is suggested to wear disposable contact lenses and make sure you have a spare pair, or we can arrange you a mask of your sight prescription, just inform us in advance or let us know when you in the shop before we leave for the beach. 
3. Bring your own towel, health insurance card, and any other personal belonging.
4. This activity is not suitable if you are under 12, older than (include) 65, having medical history of heart disease. high blood pressure, servere asthma, congenital epilepsy, or mobility disability.
5. Motion sickness should be taken 30 minutes in advance if needed.
6. Attention: Non-organic sun protection products will kill sea lives. Apply natural oil such as coconut oil or eating tomatoes to prevent tanning are highly recommended.
7. Time and date may be changed due to the weather condition for safety reasons. We can help you rearrange the reservation or there will be a full refund without any additional charge if you wish to withdraw. It is suggested that you have a flexible schedule.
8. Underwater photography is not garenteed for everyone due to condition issues. 
9. Leave no trace, do not take anything, do not touch any sea lives.

If you wish to cancel your booking by any events of non-force majeures, please contact our customer service hotline or e-mail, pleae note in some activities fare administration fee shall be deducted in our refund policy:
1. to cancel your booking 7 or more days in advance - full refund. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
2. to cancel your booking 0-2 days in advance - no refund or cancellation. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.
3. to cancel your booking 3-6 days in advance - no refund but can transfer to different persons. Contact Xtreme Taiwan.