Sugar Cane Juice

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Sugar Cane Juice 

The weather and climate of subtropical Taiwan makes it the ideal location for growing sugar cane. When the early Dutch occupied Taiwan, sugar cane was a commonly exported product. Until the era of Japanese occupation, Taiwan’s sugar canes remained a staple export.
Sugar cane is not only exported to various places around the world, it is also a crop that is near and dear to the Taiwanese. Aside from making sucrose, it can be conveniently eaten. Sugar cane fiber is very nutritious; when the fresh, cool, and sweet liquid overflows your mouth, you are bound to be left wanting more! In fact, the juice is said to help relieve a wide variety of ailments, ranging from common colds and fever, to even jaundice and urinary tract infections. So the next time you fall ill, why not try sipping on some sweet juice for comfort?
Yet gnawing on solid sugar cane is no easy task due to its tough surface and takes effort. However don’t worry: once the sugar cane extract is squeezed out, it will become a lot more convenient!
If you walk the many streets and alleys of Taiwan, you can encounter several stalls selling sugar cane juice. This especially prevalent in markets or night markets. The stalls typically all possess a sugar cane pressing machine; sugar cane is fed into the machine as a whole, and comes out on one side as squeezed pulp. On the other side, the sweet juice will gush out, non-stop.
Sugar cane juice is suitable for both the summer and winter. In addition, sugar cane possesses natural sweetness that is not too unhealthy for the human body, so there’s usually no need to add additional artificial flavoring. On hot days, a cup of ice-cold sugar cane juice quenches your thirst, while during the winter vendors will sell warmed juice to help warm you up! Similar to boba milk tea and other drinks, sugar cane juice is a popular option at night markets and can easily be paired with other snacks and treats that you pick up along the way.

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