Please read the following terms of the Membership Agreement. Membership enrollment indicates that the Member has read and accepted these terms of membership.

Terms of Use

TheXtreme Taiwan website (hereinafter “the Website”) is a platform providing merchandise-browsing services. It does not own, manage, operate or control suppliers’ products and services in any manner,either directly or indirectly. In the eventof any dispute arising from anydefect, guarantee and service of the merchandise ordered by consumers, the supplier and consumer shall directly work to solve the dispute. The Website isnotinvolved in the trading relationship between the consumer and the supplier, norcan it provide any guarantee of fulfillment bythe cooperating supplier.
1. Membership
Consumer’spersonal information registered on the Website must be true and accurate. If the data provided by you is wrong, untrue or incomplete, Xtreme Taiwanis entitled to suspend or terminate your account.If your account isnotused for a long time, or you publish texton the Websitethatis indecent, involves infringing actions, or fails to meet the Internet ethicsand statutory provisions, Xtreme Taiwan is also entitled to close your account.
2. Placing orders for activity &services
For the activity &services offered on the Website, you mustconfirm the purchase quantity and price prior to placing your order; the transaction will be deemed to be completeonceyou make payment for it.
3. Activity &Merchandise price and payment
After placing an order, payment can be made within three days using the following methods:
a)     By usingacredit card online
b)     By online ATM transaction (a bank transfer)according to the instructions given on the page
c)     At any convenience store.
If the payment is not made within three days after placing the order, the order will be automatically cancelled.
4. Notification
If notification of any addition, deletion orchange (including to the terms of use) is required to be given according to law or other related regulations, notificationwillbe madein any of the following possible ways (but not in any specific way): e-mail, SMS, multimedia message servicetext message service, and posting the notification on the Website.
If users violate the Website’s service terms, or access any of the Website’s information orcontent without authorization, users will not receive the aforesaid notification. On the other hand, when users are legally authorized to access the Website and agree to comply with the Website’s service terms, it represents that users agree that any notification made by the Websitethrough any method will be deemed to be delivered and received.
5. Cancelling orders for activity
(1)    Consumerswho withdraw early from anactivity after it is started, or terminate the contract due to the consumer’sfailure to cooperate with the vendor to fulfill the conduct required by the activity, arenot entitled to request a refund for the merchandise. Also, if consumers fail to participate in a timely manner after the activity starts, they will be deemed to have voluntarily waivedtheir rights and are not entitled to request any refund or compensation. 
(2)    If any force majeure leads to failure in fulfillment of the entirety or part of the activity / services and/ or cancelation of the entirety or part of the activity / services, the Company andsupplier are not liable forthe compensation for any loss by the consumers. In this case, thefee or the amountrequired for the activity’sexecutionpaid by the supplier will be deducted, and the balance will be returned to the consumer.
(3)    If you wish to cancel the activity or reschedulethe activity, please call or send an email to notify the customer service personnel. Any refund is calculated according to theinstructions on the activity & services page.
6. Placing ordersin the souvenir online storeand notices
(1)    When making a purchase in the souvenir online store of the Website, please confirm the content, such as purchase quantity, transportation charge and price before placing an order. The transaction will be deemed to be completed after the order is placed and the payment is made.
(2)    Please fill in your personal information, such as name and address,accuratelyin the member information form. In the event that an error in the information providedby youleads to failure todeliver the merchandise to you, or to any damage to the merchandise, the Website and supplier will be free from any liability. If you request redelivery ofthe ordered merchandise to the correct address, you will have to pay anyadditionalcosts.
(3)    Once the order is confirmed and accepted, you will not be able to cancel the order or change the purchase content and/or the delivery address.
(4)    The consumersshouldreceive the purchased merchandise within 3to 14 working days after placing the order and making the payment. However, the delivery may be delayed depending on the order content, country andinventory.
(5)    When ordering food or merchandise, it is the consumer’sresponsibility tocheckbeforehand the import laws/regulations of the country or area where the recipient is located. If the ordered food or merchandise is confiscated by the recipient’s country or area, we will be free from any liability, and will not refund the order payment or transportation charge to the consumers.
7. Website service suspension or termination
We endeavor to provide a reliable service through the Website. However we will not be liable for any compensation caused by any disruption to the Website.
8. Website service disclaimer clauses
(1)   The Website will make every effort to avoid personal information, such as name, telephone No. ande-mail address, being disclosed. Nevertheless, the information leakage resulting from force majeure will be beyond the scope of the Website’s personal information protection.
(2)    If the personal information provided by users has any error, or violates statutory provisions or public order/good morals, such information will not be protected by the Website. If this is the case, the user agrees to take full responsibility for any damage to the Company or any third parties.
(3)    If the user deliberately provides false personal information which results in a mistake of a third party orcauses damage to others, the user shall be subject to all the relevant civil and criminal laws. If it causesfurther damage to the Company, the user shall also be liable for compensation.
(4)    The user is aware of the dispute withXtreme Taiwan such asadispute occurs among the suppliers or vendors, the Company is not liable for any guarantee,whilethe user also agrees not to claim for civil damage compensation against the Company, orto discretionarily spread any improper words or texts publicly to harmthe Company’s goodwill and reputation.
(5)    If Xtreme Taiwan’s webpage is hacked, whichresults in damage to users, the Company will try its best to help resolvethe problem, but will not be liable for any damage compensation.
9. Legal liability
Ifa user has any of the following predatory or attempted conduct or intent, the Company is entitled to claim for compensation against the user: 
(1)    Publish, transmit, distribute or saveany file, document or data involving defamation, fraud, assault, obscenity, pornography, gambling, verbal abuse, untruth or other things violating the laws of the Republic of China, or other data which infringe the intellectual property rights or interests of others.
(2)    Publish, transmit, distributeor spread viruses or use other ways to disruptthe Website set up by the Company, or invade or attempt to invade the Website in any manner which may destroy or disrupt the computer system or data program or message.
(3)    Have any conduct that destroys or disruptsthe operation of the website service system or violates general Internet etiquette.
(4)    Have any conduct that obstructs or disrupts customers in their use of the website service. 
(5)    Engage in illegal trading, or publish anymessage thatinducescriminal offenses or trading.
(6)    The content provided by the user for the Website comprisesuntruthor concealment, or violates public order/good morals.
(7)    The user acquires the data in an improper manner anddelivers, sells or disclosesthem to any third party or company. 
10. Commitment of intellectual property rights:
According to the laws, the Website or its oblige owns the intellectual property rights of the software, programs or content used by the Website. Without the prior consent of the oblige, no one is entitled to use them. No quote or reprint is allowed without the prior written consent of the Company or its oblige unless specifically permissible by law.
11. Privacy protection
Users’ informationwill be protectedand used in accordance with the Website’s “Privacy Policy”. The user also agrees that the Website may follow its “Privacy Policy” to collect and use their personal information. This may include international transmission and storage, and internal useof the information by the Company and its affiliated enterprises.
12. Dispute settlement
Any dispute arising between the consumer/user and the Companyshall try to be peacefully settled with the principlesof fairness and good faith. If legal action is required to resolve the dispute, both parties agree to submit the dispute to the jurisdiction ofTaiwan Taipei District Court as the court offirst instance, and usethe laws of the Republic of China as the applicable laws.