How To Test For a Driver's License 2015-04-23
The roads are full of vehicles and they look quite convenient. As long as you have a vehicle, travelling at any time is of no problem. However the most important thing is not owning a vehicle, in Taiwan you must have a license in order to go on the road or rent. With a driver's license, you'll have one more mode of transportation when it comes to travelling around Taiwan. However, how do you get one? 
In Taiwan, light vehicles are classified as vehicles under 50CC. These do not require an on-road test. So if one already has a license for a car, then they have already passed the written exam. Therefore anyone with a driver's license for a car can automatically drive a light vehicle. Normal heavy vehicles are anywhere between 50CC and 250CC, whereas anything above 250CC are large heavy vehicles. They each have different conditions for admission, but the section detailed below are the most common for Taiwan's ordinary heavy vehicles: 

1. Foreigners need to meet the following conditions in order to apply for a license:

a. At least 18 years old.
b. A residency permit for at least 1 year.
c. 3 copies of headshot photograph: taken within the last 6 months, in color or black-and-white, 1 inch, glossy and plain background. No hats, with facial features clear and distinct. 
d.A copy of health-examination results and license registration. 
e.Registration fee: 250 NTD, license fee: 200 NTD. 

If the written exam or road test is failed, you must wait 7 days before retaking. 

2.Application Process:  

a.Prepare a car. If one does not have a car, they may rent one from the supervising station. 
b.Go to the nearest  supervising station and recieve a registration booklet. 
c.Take the registration booklet to the nearest designated hospital or clinic from the supervising station for a check-up. The following will be inspected: vision, color, hearing, limbs, mobility, and other basic functions. 
d.Prepare and have on hand ID card, residence permit, registration booklet, and photographs. Bring them to the supervising station to sign up. 
e.Written test: 40 random questions, out of 100 points. 85 is needed to pass. 
f.Road test: full marks 100 points, 70 is needed to pass. 

Testing Grounds: Follow traffic signals, railroad crossings, and pedestrian crossings accordingly. Complete 3 parts of parking and finish. Remember to turn on car headlights: the 1st time that they are not turned on, 16 points will be deducted. The second time they are not turned on results in disqualification. 
Straight line for 7 seconds: on a road that's just 0.4 meters wide and 15 meters long, drive for at least 7 seconds in a straight line. Heavy emphasis is placed on this section, and if 7 seconds aren't met, 32 points are deducted, leading to automatic disqualifcation. If one doesn't pass the first time, there's a second retest. 

g.Photo: Congrats! If you passed your exam, then you may recieve your license on site. 

3. Exam Questions for Foreigners: the Ministry of Transportation office website contains English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian. Thai, and Cambodian language versions of the exam questions. You may try out simulated test questions online! 
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