Bicycle Kingdom-Taiwan 2015-04-24
Do you own a good-quality bike at home? Remove the packaging quickly. You may just see the words “Made in Taiwan” written on the packaging of the bike or parts! According to statistics in 2015, Taiwan’s bicycle production stands at number four worldwide, just behind China, India, and Brazil. It’s excellent quality and constant innovations and improvements have received the warm support of the global bicycling community. Famous Taiwanese bicycle brands include not only Giant Manufacturing, but also Merida, KHS, IDEAL BIKE, DUNLOP, Wheeler, EQUINOX, and Rikulau, all of which are in hot pursuit of design quality and the attention of the world.
Taiwan’s 3 Big Cycling Brands:

  1. Giant Manufacturing: They manufacture everything ranging from ordinary street bikes to mountain bikes, folding bikes, and even specialized racing bikes. The father of British cycling youth Toby Wilsdon gave him one of Giant’s Great Journey bicycles, allowing him to bike across the Eurasian continent in 2001 over the span of 10 months. Giant’s bikes are quite popular, and currently in the four cities and counties of Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, and Changhua, the convenient You-bike system is being implemented. Those also are from Giant Manufacturing!
  1. Merida Bikes: Possessing quality and reputation rivaling Giant’s, Merida is also quite famed amongst cycling professionals. Norwegian cyclist Gunn-Rita Dahle, with the sponsorship of Merida, won for the 1st time in 2002 the World Champion XC. Afterwards, Merida continued its sponsorship, leading to much fame and exposure.
  1. KHS Bikes: Unlike the proactive internalization of Giant and Merida, KHS is more focused on implementing cycling activities in its own native country due to the enthusiasm of its own chairman, Xie Zhengkuan. Not only does he normally hold activities to promote the spread of cycling, but has even published books such as “ 52 Lessons Taught to You by Cycling School”, “Cycling Headmaster’s Notebook” and more. All are entry-level reference books for cycling.
At the moment, Taiwan’s cycling industry is confronted with globalism, and headed towards the direction of high-end development. After Takeshi Kaneshiro rode on Taichung’s Brown Boulevard, starring in the “I See You” commercial, there was a sudden popularity rise in the same bike model. Combined with long experience in the bicycle industry, Taiwan’s bicycles continue to develop in terms of material, function, security, and innovation, even integrating with electronic products. What kind of bikes will appear in Taiwan in the future? Continue to pay attention, and you may find out.