Giant Manufacturing-Bicycles 2015-04-24
The movie “I, Robot” starring Will Smith featured the appearance of a trendy and stylish bike. However, the bike isn’t just a prop made specifically for the film, and also isn’t a product that will be released in the future. The bike is a Revive DX, released in the year 2004 by Giant Manufacturing, so it’s not nearly as far-fetched as you may think. It showcases the results of Giant Manufacturing’s research and development teams, such as the time in 2006 when they launched a number of products while cooperating with design companies. Winning Germany’s Red Dot Design Award though, has allowed Giant Manufacturing’s design team to further develop and stimulate their innovative capabilities. Due to the appearance of the Revive DX in “I, Robot”, there have been trends of energy saving and carbon reduction. Environmentally friendly and quiet electric bicycles have also been introduced as well, with an emphasis on function; their carefully designed appearances have caused them to become favorites for many people. And did you know? Giant Manufacturing was the first to introduce the now commonly-used lightweight carbon fiber into the bicycle industry.
With its excellent research and development capabilities, Giant Manufacturing is paired with a complete assembly and product line. Its production line includes mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, and children’s bikes, in addition to electronic bikes and folding bikes. There are a wide variety of options to choose from, all according to product functionality and consumer demand in order to provide general high-end level products of the highest quality.
Speaking of quality, Giant Manufacturing has a well-known story:
In 1987, the first batch of carbon fiber was ready to be marketed; the result of 2 years worth of research and development. However, a few problems were discovered. The chairman was extremely angry and ordered the entire batch to be recycled. At that time, although only 20 units were discovered to be defective, 1000 units ended up being recycled instead. Astonishingly, after being recycled they were not re-examined. Instead, excavators from the staff were used to destroy an estimated market value of 10 million NTD in units. These remains were then buried underneath the factory foundation. It is supposedly said that many employees were shedding tears, but at the same time they experienced firsthand the company’s characteristic perseverance.
As a company, Giant Manufacturing possesses “global service“ guarantee. In countries where cycling is prevalent, there are service stations set up and they sponsor teams for competitions. Because of their quality and stability of service, they have become the favorite brand for professional cyclists. Giant Manufacturing’s popularity in Taiwan is also quite high. Currently in the four counties and cities of Taipei, New Taipei City, Taichung, and Changhua, the convenient You-bike system is being implemented: those are also from Giant Manufacturing!
 (image source: You Bike official website) 

After much promotion and vouching by the company, cycling has gradually become more popular in Taiwan during these past few years, with many single lane established for riders. Those who enjoy cycling, can also partake in round-island activities organized by Giant Manufacturing. Not only are bikes provided for rent, but trip consultations, supply replenishments, and troubleshooting are all taken care of by a professional team. Try out another way to experience Taiwan, you definitely can’t miss out!