World's Number One: Kavalan Whisky 2015-04-24
In March of 2015, Times Magazine published an article titled “You Won't Believe Where the World's Best Whiskey Comes From!” The article reported that in 2015, Kavalan Distillery's Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique won the World Whiskies Award for being the world's best single malt whisky. So where is the Kavalan Distillery located? Surely, it must be a prodigious and long-running distillery. You may even think that their title may be a little too exaggerated! 

Wrong, in fact it is a distillery that has been established for less than a decade. It is a new brand created by Taiwan’s King Car foods and beverages group. Chairman Lee saw the beautiful mountains of Yilan and hired Dr. Jim Swan, a whisky brewing expert from the U.K. as a consultant, in order to focus wine-developing methods suitable for Taiwan's subtropical weather. Yilan possesses a clean source of water from the snow-capped mountains and the central mountains, subtropical climate accelerating the fermenting process (only 3 years are needed), as well as King Car's long-term experience in coffee grinding. All of these conditions have helped Kavalan Whisky special and characteristic. Kavalan Whisky has not only been winning awards since 2015; but ever since it first appeared on the market in 2008, it took just two years for it to gain worldwide recognition. Afterwards, it has gained numerous awards every year. Whisky producing areas are typically in regions such as Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Canada, USA, and other similar temperate zones, and as a result, Yilan's Kavalan Distillery's whisky has gained the name of “A Magical Whisky”. 

After better understanding Kavalan Whisky’s background, go back to Time's headline. Do you now approve of it? 

Kavalan Distillery produces a single malt whisky. There is the Bourban Oak, Sherry Oak, FINO Sherry Oak, VINHO grape wine, and others. In 2015, the VINHO grape wine was named the most optimal single malt whisky. Times Magazine has described the taste as “surprisingly smooth”, “like wine added with a dash of chocolate milk!”
Whisky lovers endlessly praise Kavalan for its distinctive flavors. A well known whisky-blog, “Whisky for everyone” commented “ First of all, you will taste a strong taste mixed with vanilla and honey, followed by green fruits (especially apples and pears) and coconuts. As time lengthens, the taste will gradually become that of white grapes and dried apricots; the malt fragrance is reminiscent of wooden spices (like cinnamon, cedar, and nutmeg), all of which will entice you to take a sip!”

Kavalan Whisky really appears to be something special, isn't it? Kavalan Distillery is open for visits, with free tours and guides, and if you have time you may also personally listen to Dr. Jim Swan’s explanations. In addition, the distillery also offers free wine-tasting activities, and you bring back a bottle or two of “The World's Best Whisky” to share with family. In addition to the distillery and other designated areas, there are also established sales counters in the Taipei district where you may buy it!