Useful Links for Travelers 2015-05-27
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※Weather Forcasts

※Taipei Metro Information:
1.Route Map
2.Stations Allowing Bikes on the Metro
4.Taipei Bus Information & Transit System

※Taoyuan International Airport (about one-hour drive to Taipei)
1.Flight Information:
 -Buses -
 -Shuttle Bus to High Speed Rail -
 -Taxi -
 -Car Rental -
※Taipei Songshan (international & domestic) Airport (located in downtown Taipei) -
1.Real-time Flight Information -
2.Transportation -
 -MRT (recommended) -
 -Car Rental (with English website) - VIP Car Rental / CAR PLUS / HOTAI Leasing & Rental / ORIX Auto Leasing Taiwan / Chailease Auto Rental
※International Airlines -
※Domestic Airlines:
1.TransAsia 復興航空(fu xing hang kong) -
Taipei (TSA) / Taichung(RMQ) / Kaohsiung(KHH) / Hualien(HUN) / Taoyuan(TPE)
2.Uni Air 立榮航空(li rong hang kong) -
Note: They do NOT have an English site.
Taipei (TSA) / Taichung (RMQ) / Chiayi (CYI) / Tainan (TNN) / Kaohsiung (KHH) / Taitung (TTT) /  Kinmen (KNH) / Makung (MZG) / Nangan, Matsu (LZN) / Beigan, Matsu (MFK) / Hengchun, Pingtung (HCN)
3.Far Eastern Air Transport 遠東航空 (yuan dong hang kong) -
Makung (MZG) / Kinmen (KNH)
4.Mandarin Airlines 華信航空 (hua xin hang kong) -
Taipei (TSA) / Taichung(RMQ) / Kaohsiung(KHH) / Hualien(HUN) / Taitung (TTT) /  Kinmen (KNH) / Makung (MZG)
5.Daily Air 德安航空 (deh an hang kong) - (no English booking site)
Calling maybe is more possible (07)801-4711 (08:00~17:00)
Kaohsiung to Wang An (Penghu) / Kaohsiung to Qi Mei (Penghu) / Makung (Penghu) to Qi Mei (Penghu) / Taitung to Lanyu (Orchid Island) / Taitung to Lyudao (Green Island) / Wang An (Penghu) to Kaohsiung / Qi Mei (Penghu) to Kaohsiung / Qi Mei (Penghu) to Makung (Penghu) / Lanyu (Orchid Island) to Taitung / Lyudao (Green Island) to Taitung
※Taipei U-bike (city bicycle rental) -
※Kaohsiung Metro Information:
1.Route Map:
3.Real-Time Bus Information System:

※Kaohsiung international Airport
1.Flight Information -
2.Public Transportation:
 -Buses -
 -Metro -
 -No need to waste your time looking at other information for public transportation. 
※Kaohsiung C-bike (city bicycle rental) -
※Living in Taiwan -