Orchid Country, Taiwan 2016-03-07

Orchids are an elegant and noble, yet tasteful flower. In the past, poinsettias would be bought all throughout the world as decorations, but nowadays the orchid has risen above and become the most beautiful flower around, with its graceful figure.  It has also become a popular bonsai flower. Taiwan can be seen as the orchid’s home country, with orchids growing in this country for over a hundred years already. The excellent geographical environment of Taiwan have allowed it to become a thriving land for orchids. A wide variety of native orchid species can be found in Taiwan, making this country the most important orchid cultivating area in the world.

As the world’s largest orchid exporter, how exactly do they grow the high-quality orchids that everyone praises? Nowadays, Taiwan uses a combination of brains and skill to cultivate them. The early people were recognized by their patience and used traditional methods to grow orchids; however this method was time-consuming and had a low output. In the present day, orchid cultivation in Taiwan is still hard labor. However painstaking research has led to the development of many new technologies and techniques, allowing for the most suitable flowers to be selected for cultivation and exportation. 
Aside from the development of new technology, breeding, and epidemic prevention research, Taiwan has even established a floral biotechnology park, combining both industrial foundation and biotechnological talents. Areas for orchid production, breeding, trade, exhibition, research, and development were set up, and it is all of these efforts together that make Taiwan the world's largest orchid exporter. Of course, much appreciation should be given to Taiwan's abundant and fitting natural environment which allow for the breeding of top-grade orchids.
If you get the opportunity next time to buy orchids around the world, you may ask the shop owner where the flowers came from. It is almost guaranteed that they will say Taiwan!     
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