Places to Appreciate Snow 2016-03-10
Taiwan is a small island, with a subtropical climate. From north to south, it is only 394 kilometers in distance, with a total area of less than 36,000 square kilometers. Many people are under the impression that a subtropical island like Taiwan cannot experience snow. But Taiwan is home to hundreds of mountains. There are nearly 300 mountains with an altitude of more than 3000 meters (9800 feet), the highest being Yushan (otherwise known as Mount Jade) whose peak is 3958 meters above sea level (13000 feet). With so many tall mountains around, who said that Taiwan doesn't snow?
Although the chances of it normally snowing on tropical island is quite low, if the temperature, humidity, and other weather conditions are met every winter, many of the mountains have a chance of snowing. And on a small island like Taiwan, regardless of whether you live in the north, south, east, or west, it is very convenient. A four or five hour drive will provide you with the opportunity to see snow on the mountains.
The section below will introduce a few locations with a high chance of snow during the winter:
  1. Mount Hehuan:
This is a famous place to see snow in Taiwan due to its easy accessibility. There is no need to travel a thousand miles, as you can arrive there by simply driving. But because of its convenience, when the temperature starts to drop a large amount of people will start to ascend the mountain and wait for the snow, causing a traffic jam. In addition to the snow, Mount Hehuan boasts wonderful scenery year-round that can be enjoyed, such as sunsets and a sea of clouds. All of these are considered to be among Taiwan's very best.
  1. Nanhu Mountain:
Nanhu Mountain is part of Taroko National Park, and is one of Taiwan’s most famous mountains. But the traffic in this area is not so convenient. Nanhu Mountain is classified nationally as a class B intermediate-level trail, meaning that you must be in good physical shape and have the endurance needed in order to conquer the mountain. Take the time to enjoy Nanhu Mountain’s beautiful snowy landscape. Such a hard-to-reach location will usually have scenery that will leave one breathless and impressed!
  1. Lala Mountain:
Many people know that Lala Mountain produces peaches, but not many know that Lala Mountain also snows! You can admire the beautiful sight of ice crystals hanging off the trees. Compared to Mount Hehuan, Lala Mountain receives a relatively small amount of snow, however as a result there is a lesser need for preparing snow chains. Just park the car, and slowly walk along the trail. Soon, you will be able to see the snow-capped mountaintops and white forests; then you can start to leisurely enjoy the fun pleasures of seeing snow in Taiwan.
  1. Taiping Mountain:
Yilan’s Taiping Mountain is another decent spot to see the snow, and the traffic around the area is considered convenient. The probably of it snowing here is quite high, with a good chance of being able to encounter thick snow. Aside from the snow, Taiping Mountain is home to the Jiuzhize Hot Springs. While enjoying the winter chill and the vast white snow, you can also take a trip to the hot springs. Soaking in warmth of the hot springs on a cold day is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
These locations above are just some of Taiwan’s well-known spots to see snow. Some are easy to each and suitable for all ages, however it is important to remember that traffic will always be a given. So it is best to be mentally prepared, and don't forget to install snow chains when driving up the mountain. Other locations are more difficult to reach, so you should make sure that you have the necessary strength and stamina. It is recommended that you have the best equipment and a professional mountain guide to help you climb, so that you may safely enjoy the snow to your heart's content.
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