Night Market Games 2016-03-10
Night Market Games

Taiwan’s night markets are world-famous, and everyone knows of their various delicious dishes. However, in addition to the delicious food, night markets are also home to many fun, cheap, and exciting games that allow you to win prizes. The following games are common throughout Taiwan’s night markets:

  1. Pinball
Night markets have various pinball stands, however most are virtually the same. For older stands, you will need to manually use a long ruler to push the marbles inside. Playing a pinball game is very simple, it’s all about seeing which nook the last marble falls into. Every nook may have a different score or prize. This is one of the night market’s most common and simple games.
  1. Ring Toss
Night markets often have a large open area, where many dolls, stuffed animals, and other prizes are placed on a set of stairs. The vendor will give you a bucket filled with plastic rings. Each ring is about 5 to 8 centimeters in diameter. Look for the prize you want, and then throw the ring in your hands. If you manage to throw the ring over your target, then you win the prize! This game may seem simple, but it in fact requires quite a bit of skill. If you have the opportunity, you should go and test it for yourself!
  1. Goldfish Scooping
As the name suggests, it is a goldfish scooping game. Some vendors may only have a few varieties of goldfish, while others will have a myriad of fishes. Aside from scooping for fish, other stores may offer the chance to scoop turtles or fish or shrimp. If you have the skill and agility to use the special nets provided by the store, you may take any fish you have scooped home as a new pet ~Of course, if you just want to experience the game and do not actually want to keep the fish, the scooped fish will be put back.
  1. Baseball Pitching
This game allows everyone to challenge and test their pitching skills. A board with 9 square pieces will be placed 5 meters away. You will need to be as accurate as possible, and throw a baseball to hit every square. If you can connect a line (horizontally or vertically, according to vendor guidelines), you will win a prize.
  1. Throwing Darts
Expert marksmen must come and try out this game of darts. The vendor will place a board covered with balloons 3 meters away. As long as you are able to use the darts to pop a certain amount of balloons, you will win a prize.
  1. Air Gun
The air gun game is very similar to the darts game. The main difference is that the darts are changed to an air gun. Of course, the distance between the target will be increased. As long as you smoothly hit a certain amount of targets, as determined by the vendor, you will win a prize.
  1. Mahjong Bingo
The national essence of the Chinese: Mahjong. Aside from the commonly seen four player games, a brand new style of play can be found in the night markets. When playing Mahjong Bingo, the vendor will provide you with a 6x6 chart. There usually are several sheets, and you can choose from them; each one has different types of mahjong patterns. The vendor will then present you mahjong tiles, face down. From there, you may select 15 tiles. Turn over them one by one, and compare the results with the corresponding chart that you chose in the beginning to see if there any matches. If the mahjong tiles that you selected and your corresponding chart have any connecting lines, then you get a bingo!
The above mentioned games are common night market games in Taiwan. Spend around 100 NTD, and you can have a good time playing. If you have good luck, you just may bring home many prizes.
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