Taiwanese Are Not Afraid of Death-Not Even in the Face of An Earthquake! 2016-03-10
Taiwanese Are Not Afraid of Death-Not Even in the Face of An Earthquake!
An illustrator has drawn a humorous illustration depicting the two moments where an earthquake strikes. When an earthquake in Hong Kong surpasses 2.0 on the Richter scale, all the people fly into a mass panic. However when an earthquake in Taiwan reaches 4.0 on the Richter scale, the woman continues to leisurely drink her tea, as if nothing had happened at all!
Because Taiwan is located on the border of the Eurasian tectonic plate, the movement of the Earth’s crust tends to be quite rigorous. As a result, earthquakes big and small happen all the time. If you check the Central Weather Bureau website, you will find that many small earthquakes occur every day in Taiwan. So to the Taiwanese people, earthquakes are a common occurrence and nothing extraordinary.
Due to Taiwan’s geographical surroundings, when a building is in its planning stages before being constructed, the possibility of an earthquake happening will also be taken into account. Thus, many buildings and structures in Taiwan have good seismic design. One such example is the Taipei 101, once formerly the world’s tallest building. The floors are so high up that there is no need to worry about earthquakes. When the 101 was originally designed, the design team focused on earthquake planning, specifically, an anti-seismic system. The Taiwanese are therefore very much accustomed to earthquakes.  
However as a reminder to everyone, although earthquakes are common in Taiwan, it is still important to be alert. When an earthquake strikes, one should know how to properly respond and protect themselves.