HTC 2016-03-10
When mentioning cell phones, the name HTC should ring a bell. Nowadays, this is a brand that is recognized throughout the world. When buying a new cell phone, most people tend to rate HTC very highly. Although HTC may not be everyone’s ideal brand, it most likely ranks within the top 5. A large and renowned company now, in its earlier days it started out as a small factory before transforming into the electronics giant it is today. The cell phones, tablets, other electronic products, and even software developed by HTC are recognized around the world for their quality and high standards.

In the beginning, HTC was a factory that served as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for Windows system personal computers. In the 90’s, Taiwan was known as one of the “Four Asian Dragons”, and experienced an era of rapid technological growth and development. The demand for more factories began to rise, with Taiwan adapting to the need. While acting as an OEM for Microsoft, HTC had a tendency to discover and report several of their bugs. As a result, they managed to receive Microsoft’s attention, and soon after, plans were made for the two of them to collaborate on a new product. At this point, HTC was already officially in the process of transitioning into the company that it is now.
HTC continues to be a humble and progressive company, facing issues and problems non-stop all while solving them. From their experience as an OEM, they also continue to strive for self-improvement. In addition, their OEM experience have allowed HTC to accumulate a strong foundation in technological knowledge. Because they are so keen on observing world trends and providing suitable solutions to the development of better technology and technological services, they have achieved their current position.