14 Things You Didn't Know about Convenience Stores (CS) in Taiwan 2016-11-02
Writer: Mauricio Monzón 

(source: http://www.1111.com.tw/news/jobns_con.asp?ano=61542)

Boasting more than 10,000 stores in such a small territory, Taiwan is the country with the biggest convenience store density in the world, but once on the island, it is pretty easy to understand why. For Taiwanese people, everything has to be 方便 Fāngbiàn (convenient), and it is actually one of the first words you will learn in Chinese and it will be part of your daily vocabulary.
Here is a list of all the things you can do and get in a convenience store:

2) Order things online and get it from the closest CS without the risk of using your credit card online 5 stars
This is a personal favorite, you can order almost anything online (through Taiwanese websites) and send it to a convenient store before paying, the service is not expensive, very fast and by far, the safest.


(source: http://www.appledaily.com.tw/)
3) Order a cab  5 stars
Having the burden of calling and trying to explain exactly where you are to the taxi driver is a thing of the past, you can just go to the nearest convenience store and ask the clerk to help you order a cab and you will be picked up right in front of the store. Pretty easy, right?


(source: http://www.todaynews.com.tw/bencandy.php?fid=10&id=28)
4) Renew your driver's license 5 stars
One of the worst feelings is when you are in the middle of nowhere and you realize your driver's license has expired. No worries, even in the middle of nowhere in this island you will find a convenience store, and you can instantly renew it.

5) Buy tickets for almost everything (with the help of the 店員Diànyuán)  4 stars
Machines like Ibon are magical, they are like a little treasure chest full of surprises, yet out of reach for non-Chinese speakers, but if you know there is a concert, festival or basically any kind of event, you can be 99.9% sure they will sell tickets in convenience stores. Go to the Clerk and ask for it, write it down just in case his/her English speaking skills are limited, showing a picture could be useful, too. Apart from it, you can also buy train tickets, discount coupons and even local flight tickets.


(source: http://www.appledaily.com.tw/)
6) Send everything (including frozen stuff) 4 stars
A friend of yours on the other side of the Island is cooking that traditional dish from your hometown your grandma used to cook and you want to give it a try? Tell your friend to go to a convenience store and send it via express delivery service, you will have it in less than 24 hours keeping the cold chain, which also allows even to send frozen things. 

(source: http://www.nownews.com/)
7) Pay your bills and even your tuition fee 4 Stars
Bringing your receipt, you can pay all your bills, and even withdraw money to pay them, since they normally have ATMs.

8) Fresh coffee with sitting area 4 stars
Not the greatest but for sure the cheapest freshly brewed coffee you can get, when you are lacking caffeine in your bloodstream and money in your pocket, this is your option.


9) Collect the points and get cool discounts in other stores 3 stars
Have you seen the stickers they give you when you buy for more than 100 TWD and you normally throw away? Don't! By collecting them you can get "buy one get one free" of ice cream at Cold stone as well as other products from other stores, or redeem it for some merchandising.

(source: http://www.nownews.com/)
10) Food-deli (Asian & Western) 3 stars
No matter what convenient store you are in, you will find a great variety of foods, it is relatively cheap (especially for Taipei) and the quality is not bad (do not expect a super yummy meal though); you can also find fresh vegetables, frozen meat, and other ingredients. 
11) Redeem your fabiao (Receipt) 3 stars
At the end of the month, when we all are running out of cash and the list of winning receipt numbers is released, you can run to the nearest convenience store and cash it. It can save the situation sometimes.

12) Free toilet 3 stars
Not explanation needed (hahaha)

13) Laundry and dry cleaning service 3 stars
Even though it is very convenient since everyone knows where a convenient store is and laundry places are normally hard to find, do not wait until you are running out of clean clothes and you are wearing your last boxer, it normally takes longer than in a laundry place and it could be pricey.

(source: http://www.nownews.com/)
14) Pay with easy card (but not with credit card now they do!) 2 stars
An easy card in Taiwan is one of the first things you need to get when you arrive at the Island, you will need it for everything. Convenience stores, as well as an increasing number of other stores, accept easy cards as payment method. But I'm not fond of having a lot of money on a card constantly used and can easily get lost.

(sourc: https://news.housefun.com.tw)