【Light Travel】Visit Taipei’s closest coastline 2017-07-28
【Light Travel】Visit Taipei’s closest coastline
Experience the northern coast’s history, culture, and scenery.


Beautiful sky-blue oceans and coastal scenery can be found in the north, so there is no need to go through the trouble of traveling all the way to Kenting or the outlying islands. Departing from the city central, it takes around two hours of travel to reach the sea. Enjoy the seas while feeling like you’re on a southern island holiday!
The northern coast is blessed with great scenery, with mountains on one side and water on the other. Along the way, pass through lush green mountain forests and come face to face with the stunning ocean and sky. Many people are under the impression that the north has nothing interesting to offer, and that you must travel far from Taipei for fun. In reality, the northern coast boasts many gorgeous sights. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but it also hides several traces of history.
Use the day to travel around and explore the secrets of the coast!
Depart from Taipei City, it is suggested that everyone takes the Provincial Highway 3 or Expressway 62 heading towards Keelung. After exiting at Anle, take Beiyi Road for a smoother trip. Upon entering Anle District, head towards Wanli. On the highway, you may stop by Dawulun and tour the Dawulun Fort. The northern coastline is one of Taiwan’s most important defensive measures. Back in the older days, Keelung was a valuable strategic point, so Dawulun Fort was established as a result. Since the 19th century, Dawulun Fort has stood atop the Dawulun hills, and has experienced both the Opium War as well as the wars of the Qing Dynasty. Over time, the fort’s bricks have become mottled, with the old tree roots intertwining and creeping up the walls to such an extent that they pierce through the buildings. Dense foliage obstructing the fort and the sunlight filtering through the leaves gives the entire area a magical sense of history.
Many historical tales have taken place on this stretch of northern coast. If you take the time to slowly browse, you may discover several fine details that you haven’t noticed before. From Dawulun Fort, you can see the land that the ancestral people have thrived on, and savor the relationship between the ocean and island. Gaze into the distant shoreline from the fort. The terrain here is tall and towering, and provides an excellent and clear field of view. It is said that many idol drama series are filmed here too.
After leaving Dawulun, it is recommended that you head towards the paragliding base at Wanli. Most people, however, don’t plan on paragliding so they will not visit the area. However, Wanli’s paragliding base is actually a location that provides a great view of the sea! Even if you aren’t planning on paragliding, you can still enjoy the sea view here. The base is about 185 meters above sea level, with vast meadows. The surrounding areas are free of any obstacles, and the field of view is large and wide. From a glance, Feicui Bay (Green Bay), as well as the Howard Beach Resort Green Bay, Yehliu Cape, Guihou Fishing Port, and other scenic spots can all be seen. Of course, if you possess plenty of courage or simply like to experience new thrills, then you must try out paragliding for yourself. Let an experienced coach guide you as you soar above the northern coastline. View Formosa from a different perspective: this will be one experience you’ll never forget!
Continue north and arrive at Yehliu Scenic Area. Although this may not be a place of top interest, it is still a classic attraction that cannot be missed. Be sure to stop along the way and admire the natural landscapes, otherwise you may miss out on the Queen’s Head Rock! In addition, Yehliu’s characteristic coastal eroded terrain is always constantly changing. So even if you’ve visited already, it’s still worth coming here again. Because nature is always undergoing constant changes, the seawater and wind erode away at the reefs nonstop, thus causing the landscape to vary. So every time you visit, you can have a different experience.
Aside from the beautiful scenery of the northern coast, another recommended destination is the Temple of Eighteen Deities (Shi Ba Wang Gong). It is the north’s most prosperous temple. There is a touching story behind this temple: according to legend, seventeen people and a dog rode on a boat towards Taiwan. However, along the way they suffered a shipwreck and drifted onto the sandy beaches of Shimen. The nearby residents found and buried the seventeen people. But the dog, having witnessed the deaths of its owners and their burial, jumped into the grave after them, which moved the residents. So the Temple of Eighteen Deities is really built in the honor of those seventeen people and their loyal dog. When visiting the Temple of Eighteen Deities, you can truly experience the grand occasion of incense burning. Several food vendors and peddlers can also be found in the temple vicinity, suitable as a mid-trip resting point. At the same time, you may wander around and take a look at the history of the temple. Also, you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to try the super delicious rice dumplings available here! The Temple of Eighteen Deities’ rice dumplings are quite well known, and really are quite delicious.
After you finish eating, continue following the coastal highway north. No need to hurry along the way, and slowly admire the scenery outside. Feel the blowing sea breeze. Departing from the Temple of Eighteen Deities, it doesn’t take long before you arrive at Shimen Cave, located 28.7 km along the Provincial Highway 2. Shimen Cave is sea cave that has long endured erosion from the waves, thus forming it into its current arch shape. It’s one of nature’s finest pieces of work!
The beaches of Shimen Cave are full of shoals and reefs, and are very suitable for playing in. The reefs are also rich in intertidal zone ecology. If there any parents traveling with children, the pure white sands are guaranteed to keep the kids occupied for a while. Located above Shimen Cave is a small trail that you may walk on. It’s a short and relaxing trail, and following it will allow you to reach the top of the arch. The view at the top of the arch is quite amazing!

After leaving Shimen Cave, head towards the last destination, Cape Fukuei Lighthouse. Cape Fukuei is Taiwan’s most northernmost point. The lighthouse itself possesses a hundred years of history and the surrounding coastal scenery is also enchanting. In addition to the unique reefs and coastline terrain, during particular seasons (from March until May), the reefs can be seen covered with green algae. Fuji Fishing Port is nearby and can be toured, where you may experience the rich vibes of a fishing community. Lastly, view the setting sun at Cape Fukuei. Let the large open seas and the setting sun end your trip on a magical note!


Tips for Travelers:
 Recommended mode of travel: driving
 Scenery Route: Dawulun Fort→Wanli Paragliding Base→Yehliu Scenic Area→Temple of Eighteen Deities→Shimen Cave→Cape Fukuei Lighthouse (Laomei Reef   and Fuji Fishing Port nearby)
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