【Light Travel】Visit a Gold Mining Town, Experience the Real-Life Spirited Away! 2017-08-09
【Light Travel】Visit a Gold Mining Town, Experience the Real-Life Spirited Away! 

A small town located in the hillside, it exudes a magical atmosphere at night. It appears to be just like a scene out of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, especially when the mountains are surrounded by mist. Then, it is even more like a place where the gods gather. Jiufen is not only good for hiking on the mountainous paths or visiting the old street, but the town’s historical background and rich culture and natural resources are often neglected. These aspects are definitely worth relishing and exploring.
Early in the morning, follow along the serene mountain path and enter Jiufen. Slowly climb up the winding path. The higher you climb up, the more time seems to regress. So when you arrive at Jiufen, it’ll feel as if you’ve traveled to the past. The old street’s stone paving are still the same as the ones laid out by ancestors many years ago. The simple stone street and narrow roads still retain the appearance of a gold-mining town, from many years past. In addition, the old street’s Shenping Theater is an important place of entertainment. During the Japanese colonial era, Shenping Theater was Taiwan’s largest theater. Many directors have come here to film, including “ A Borrowed Life”, “A City of Sadness”. “Blue Mountain Coffee”, and other classic films.
To better understand Jiufen’s history and culture, you may tour the Culture and History Workshop in addition to walking on the old street. The Culture and History Workshop has preserved Jiufen’s local historical images, textual material, everyday relics, and so forth. You can truly discover Jiufen’s historical context and cultural connotations in the workshop. Among these are several displays of gold mining tools, as gold mining was an important industry of early Jiufen. As a result, Jiufen has earned the name of “Gold’s Homeland”.
Coming to gold’s homeland, of course you should properly understand the importance of gold to Jiufen. Travelers can visit the Gold Museum and learn more about the gold mines.  The Gold Museum is located not far from the old street, those with abundant time can walk there slowly. On the path along the way, you will encounter quiet and beautiful scenery, guaranteed to lift your spirits. Walking throughout Jiufen has a special charm and vibe to it. Jiufen also has plenty of public transportation nearby that you may take to the museum. The museum displays several historical relics related to the gold mines, and also provides mining experiences at certain times. This way, you can experience what it was like for the early peoples to stand in the sandy rivers and dig for gold.
The Crown Prince Chalet and the Golden Shinto Shrine are also attractions that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Jiufen. The Crown Prince Chalet was established for the crown prince of Japan, and was thusly built with a Japanese style to it. The entire building is elegant and classical. Walking into the courtyard, it’s as if you’ve arrived at a whole other world. The Japanese style Golden Shinto Shrine was originally a shrine established for peace, the torii and stone lanterns inside are all intact and in good condition. However, the main god worshipped here is the god of smelting! As you descend the mountain, it is recommended that you stop at the Golden Waterfall along the way. Because of the minerals, the entire waterfall has taken on a gold color. It’s a rarely seen and magnificent sight, and is just one of the many fantastic attractions you must experience when at Jiufen!
Jiufen is a town that you can slowly spend an entire day exploring. Its rich historical background needs some time to be truly understood. Regardless of whether it’s sunny and cloudless, or rainy and cloudy, Jiufen possesses a different charm. Use the day to truly take in all the sights and romantic grace of Jinguashi!  


Tips for Travelers:
 Recommended mode of travel: bus (it’s not easy to park in Jiufen, so driving is not recommended) 
 Scenery Route: Jiufen Old Street→Culture and History Workshop→Old Street snacks→Gold Museum→Crown Prince Chalet→Golden Shinto Shrine→Golden Waterfall 

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