【Light Travel】Taoyuan: Ceramics, Reservoir, and Back Garden Visit 2017-08-21
【Light Travel】Taoyuan: Ceramics, Reservoir, and Back Garden Visit

Netizens have voted in an online poll to determine the Taiwanese city that’s the hardest to tour and have fun in; and the results show that Taoyuan is the winner. Many people believe that Taoyuan is dull and uninteresting; however this is merely a big misunderstanding! In reality, Taoyuan boasts several private attractions. As long as you are willing to have fun, there is no uninteresting spot. Below, we have organized a list of must-visit Taoyuan attractions, so that you won’t ever say that Taoyuan is boring again!
One place that you absolutely cannot miss out on when you visit Taoyuan is Yingge Old Street, a ceramics hub. Many pottery stores are located within Yingge Old Street, as well as numerous hands-on ceramic workshops. Aside from browsing all of the old street’s stores, you can also try some of the activities for yourself. Regardless of whether you’re an adult or child, ceramics are suitable for everyone. The first stop is already such an interesting experience: who says that Taoyuan is boring? There are delicacies near the old street that you have to try as well, namely meatballs (肉圓) or sushi. The old street also has traditional-flavored pork chop rice, remember to give these foods a taste!
After leaving the old street, there is no need to travel too far. In addition to the old street in Yingge, there is also a pottery and ceramics museum. Opened in 2000, the museum is Taiwan’s only museum dedicated to the theme of ceramics. The architecture of the entire building is quite characteristic, and is a scenic spot that many people will visit. The interior introduces and displays the history of pottery. You can view ceramic art works from all over the world; often there are also different special exhibitions on display where you can access more of the beauty of ceramics.
Next head for Daxi’s direction, and arrive at Shimen Reservoir after approximately 20 minutes. Shimen Reservoir is one of the north’s primary reservoirs. Within the area are green forests, and a trail surrounding the reservoir, perfect for hiking or cycling and appreciating the scenery. If you don’t have any other plans or stops for the day, you may go for stroll or have a picnic at Shimen Reservoir. It’s a great way to spend time, and the scenery is simply picturesque: you’ll be guaranteed to take pictures, non-stop!
Aside from Shimen Reservoir, other beautiful scenic spots in Taoyuan include Cihu. In the years past, Cihu was a favorite place for senior officials and a Cihu Museum was even built. The beautiful scenery here is stunning, and has given many people fond memories. In addition to the scenery, people flock to Cihu to gain a glimpse of the shift-changing ceremony. The handsome, tall, and elegant guards as well as their uniformed marching paces are definitely unrivaled.

From Cihu, directly head towards the direction of Fuxing Township and arrive at Jiaoban Shan. Jiaoban Shan is a small settlement in Fuxing Township. Surrounded by forests on all 4 sides, it lets people relax and feel at ease. Several Atayal villages are in the area, and as a result many distinctive Atayal snacks and delicacies can be tasted here. Aside from the aboriginal snacks, an abundance of mushrooms are also produced due to the favorable environment. Thus the mushrooms here are particularly rich and fragrant. During the summer, peaches are produced. Stalls selling peaches can be found everywhere in the Jiaoban Shan commercial district. Many stores will also make and sell creative peach desserts. In the searing summer heat, peach slush is definitely a great option to have.
Continuing through the forests will lead you to Xiao Wulai. The area contains lush trees and a magnificent waterfall, and the thrilling skywalk. The skywalk is located above the Xiao Wulai Waterfall, with the bottom made of reinforced glass. Walking on it, you can look down at the waterfall below. It’s as if you’re flying high in the clouds above, and the beauty is astonishing. However keep in mind that the Xiao Wulai Skywalk requires reservations in advance. So before heading to Xiao Wulai, be sure to make reservations online first.

Taoyuan really is not boring at all, travelers who do some careful research will find that Taoyuan boasts several places worth visiting and exploring~

Tips for Travelers:
 Recommended mode of travel: Driving
 Scenery Route: Wai Ao Paragliding Base →Lanyang Museum →Wufengqi Waterfall →National Center for Traditional Arts 

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