Experience Typhoons in Taiwan 2017-09-11
No...No...No...You haven't experienced Taiwan's typhoons yet?! There's a strong one coming this week, and we made a list to help you get to know what to prepare to survive typhoon days and nights in Taiwan, in case you get bored or starved!
1. Get your smart phone/tablets/power bank fully charged
According to the recent typhoon experiences, it’s very likely that we might be facing several massive power outs. Usually cell phone data still works when there’s a power out, so by doing this will make sure you don’t get disconnected to outside world and always stay updated to typhoon news.
2. Get a rechargeable fan
Be prepared to stay indoors with all windows tightly closed. If there’s a power out, it will get very humid in the house. With a rechargeable fan or USB powered fan is a big help.
3. Check your house
Make sure that all windows are closed and locked, window screens may need to be removed, secure all lose items such as flower pots, cables etc.
4. Stock food and water
Food: Anything that doesn’t require refrigerated. The most common and popular item is instant noodles.
Water: Drinking water and tap water. Why tap water? A lot of buildings’ water supply in Taiwan relies on water pumps. If there’s a power out, your basic water needs might be cut off due to the water pumps can’t pump without electricity. Then you can’t have a shower, flush your toilet. Sometimes the water quality is not so good either when the water is back. If you have a bathtub at home, keep a half full tub of water might avoid the problem.
5. Fun games/books/movies/snacks/beer!
If you get lucky to keep the storm out and everything safe and functioning, why not enjoy the happy hour with your family and friends?
6. Look out the window once in a while
Before a typhoon comes, the sky would turn orange and red; beautiful clouds glowing with golden ray, Taiwanese call that Huo ShaoYun (clouds on fire). During a typhoon, enjoy the scene of massive wind blowing and things flying around!
Hope the list helps! 

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