【Light Travel】Tamsui: Bike Past the Golden Shoreline 2017-09-18
【Light Travel】Tamsui: Bike Past the Golden Shoreline 

Many people visit Tamsui only to browse the Old Street or ride on the ferry. It’s a waste if that is all you’re going to do while visiting, because Tamsui really is a town full of lively charm. It’s not too big, but also isn’t too small. It can be a bit difficult to navigate your way around Tamsui Town on foot, so why not take a bicycle instead? Use a more retro method to travel through Tamsui, and leisurely ride past the golden shorelines.
Tamsui’s current planned bicycle trails are quite stellar. Most attractions can be reached by bike! Of course, the Old Street and ferry are still must-visits, but you can also occasionally turn into a small alley and view more beautiful scenery. A guide will use the day to take everyone into a different Tamsui Town, and view the Tamsui landscape.

It is advised that travelers take the MRT or bus to reach Tamsui. Of course, those who want to drive are welcome as well. However, be aware of the fact that parking spots are hot commodities during the weekends and holidays, so it’s best to be prepared! However, Tamsui’s public transportation system is very good, and it is recommended to use public transportation for an easier and more relaxed time~ Before entering the Tamsui district, you may first make a stop at the Mangrove Nature Reserve. There are vast mangroves here, as well as an abundance of intertidal zone ecology to observe. The mangroves are also a place for migratory birds to spend the winter and a mid-point resting zone during migration. As a result, many birdwatchers will gather here.
After leaving the Mangrove Nature Reserve, you can directly take the MRT or bus to reach the Tamsui district. Here, you may browse the cant-miss Tamsui Old Street. Replenish your stamina by eating and drinking the snacks they have to offer so that later you’ll have enough energy to start your cycling journey.

When you visit Tamsui, don’t forget to pay a visit to the nearby Former British Consular Residence and Hong Mao Cheng (Red Castle/Fort San Domingo). Tamsui was formerly an important gateway into Taiwan, and these historical monuments have preserved a portion of Tamsui’s history. There’s a certain vibe you get from walking amongst the old European-style architecture. The entire area is full of classical European charm, and is also a popular attraction for young artists.
After leaving the old castle, directly follow the Tamsui River bank and walk to the ferry wharf, where you can ride on the ferry. Bali Old Street is just as worth a visit as Tamsui Old Street. There are plenty of delicious and fun things to try here, such as Tamsui a-gei and peacock clams.
There are many bicycles for rent right by the Old Street. You can rent a bicycle and start your cycling journey at Bali, while following the Tamsui River. Along the way, you will pass by the Left Bank Pier and the Left Bank Conference Hall, with the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology later on. Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology is located at the Shihsanhang cultural ruins. It is currently the only museum in Taiwan to feature pre-historic iron smelting technology. Inside, you can view prehistoric culture and relevant cultural relics in addition to a display of the ruins. Furthermore, matters related to the development of Tamsui’s local culture and history are introduced. It’s a place that cannot be missed if you want to understand more about Tamsui.
Pass by Shihsanhang Museum and continue onwards, and you will reach Waziwei Nature Reserve, the Chang Family Tomb, a sea-viewing platform, and others. In fact, the Tamsui riverbank is filled with beautiful scenery. There are places everywhere worth stopping to appreciate. Riding your bicycle alongside the Tamsui riverbank during the sunset is quite romantic! Tamsui is a very attractive town, possessing a mixture of both the East and West, and the ancient and modern. Travel outside of the Old Street and roam around for a bit, that way you can discover more of Tamsui’s loveliness!

Tips for Travelers:
 Recommended mode of travel: MRT with bus (driving is also acceptable, however parking is hard to find on weekends and holidays) 
 Scenery Route: Mangrove Nature Reserve→Tamsui Old Street→Fort San Domingo→Ferry Pier→Bali Left Bank→Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology→Waziwei Nature Reserve→Chang Family Tomb→Sea-Viewing Platform

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