【Light Travel】Guanxi One Day Trip: Treat Yourself to Traditional Hakka Culture and Food 2017-09-30
【Light Travel】Guanxi One Day Trip: Treat Yourself to Traditional Hakka Culture and Food 

When “Hakka” is mentioned, what usually comes to mind? Meinong? Or Miaoli? Don’t forget about Guanxi, an authentic Hakka community. For those who wish to experience Hakka culture and local customs, but also don’t want to travel too far, Guanxi is the ideal choice. However, when Guanxi is mentioned, not a lot of people know how to tour it. In reality, Guanxi possesses blessed scenery, as well as very simple customs. There’s no need to fear boredom, all you have to do is be willing to spend some time in this lovely town. In one day, you can thoroughly experience the fun, delicious, and simple Hakka culture. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit!
Departing from the north and heading towards Guanxi, you may first stop at Mawudu Forest for a break. Mawudu Forest is vast, and is a vital mountaineering and hiking spot. The abundance of forest and ecology here attract an endless stream of tourists and hikers. Within the area are two red bayberry trees, considered to be national treasures. They are husband-and-wife trees who possess their own identity cards too! Walking on Mawudu Forest’s trails, you might as well take the time to slow down a bit. Listen to the rustling of trees to calm your heart and mind, and if you pay attention to your surroundings you can find many life forms!
Located not far away from Mawudu Forest, is Beipu Old Street. During the Qing Dynasty, Beipu Old Street was once a very bustling and lively commercial center. There are several buildings on the street that still retain their original appearances. Here, you may browse many high-quality ancient monuments. In Beipu, there are a seemingly endless amount of historical buildings and culture to be seen. Of course another important aspect is that Beipu Old Street is home to many authentic Hakka delicacies. Take a stroll through the Old Street. From start to finish, are many fun and delicious ground teas, Hakka mochi, vegetable buns, and much more to be tried. Travelers interested in Hakka culture can also spend some time trying out tea, hand-ground by themselves~
After leaving Beipu Old Street, it is recommended that travelers head to Baoshan Reservoir for a walk. Aside from walking, Baoshan Reservoir is also quite suitable for cycling. Surrounding the reservoir is a complete loop trail, great for both walks and cycling trips. The reservoir mainly provides the Hsinchu area with water and is an important water source. The scenery nearby is beautiful and abundant with greenery. Local residents often come here to go on leisurely walks and take in the surrounding sights in order to clear their hearts and minds. During sunset, the surface of Baoshan Reservoir will be dyed with the color of the setting sun. Travelers may also elect to head for Baoshan Reservoir at another time period, and experience a different vibe.

Lastly, travelers can head north for the return trip. On the way north, pass by Wei Wei Jia Persimmons Farm. Persimmon season is from September until December, and located behind the farm is an entire persimmons field, which turns bright red when ripe. The scene is quite pleasant. Taking place from September all until January of the following year, is when the persimmons are dried. If you arrive at Wei Wei Jia Persimmons Farm around this time, you may witness the scene of persimmons being dried. Many photographers, both domestic and international, come here to take pictures of this special sight. If you happen to be a photography enthusiast too, then you certainly cannot miss out on this event!
Hsinchu’s Guanxi is a very large Hakka settlement. Traffic wise, it’s also not that far from the north. It only takes a short amount of time before you are able to step foot into a simple town and experience the richness of Hakka culture. Here, everything is quite plain and simple. It is recommended that you go and visit all the local settlements and markets. This way, you can truly explore Hakka culture and lifestyles. Use the day to experience for yourself all the rich traditions, and treat your heart and mind to some Hakka delicacies as well.

Tips for Travelers:
 Recommended mode of travel: Drive
 Scenery Route: Mawudu Forest→Beipu Old Street (tea grinding experience)→Baoshan Reservoir→Wei Wei Jia Persimmons Farm

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