【Light Travel】Must-Visit Camping Destinations: Wufeng Township, Sea of Clouds, and Fog-Watching Trip 2017-11-13
【Light Travel】Must-Visit Camping Destinations: Wufeng Township, Sea of Clouds, and Fog-Watching Trip
Recently, camping has started to become popular. Of course, this is nothing new for camping veterans. However, those who haven’t camped in a long time are starting to get warmed up once more, and many camping rookies are also joining in as well. Taiwan boasts several excellent camping sites, and within those sites are many attractions that can’t be missed. Wufeng Township in Hsinchu is a classic camping site. It’s not too high in difficulty, and is thus suitable for campers of all skill levels. No matter if one is a newbie on their first camping trip, or an veteran camper coming back for another experience, Wufeng is suitable for all. Here, we have helped everyone organize a complete and classic itinerary so that you may easily hit the road, and easily camp!
Wufeng Township is located within Hsinchu’s mountain area, and is not too far from Taipei. Departing from Hsinchu City and heading towards Wufeng Township, it’ll take around an hour before you reach the mountaintops. Wufeng Township is surrounded by the mountains, and the environment is quite beautiful. Along the way, there are many scenic spots that can be stopped for. It’s very suitable for a relaxing and slow-paced journey. Even if there is no plan in mind, it doesn’t matter, because no matter you go there will be a beautiful scenic spot awaiting you.
However, we will still explain and introduce the itinerary for you. Travelers who are too lazy to plan their own trip can therefore just directly follow the itinerary.
Before stepping foot into Wufeng Township, you can first make a stop at Zhudong. Stroll around Zhudong Market and take a small break, you can also visit Wuzang Temple. Zhudong Market is a market with strong Hakka influence, so any snacks, treats, delicacies and the like, that you try will be Hakka flavored. You surely can’t miss out on this~
When departing Hsinchu and heading for the mountains, remember to refill gas at Wufeng’s gas station beforehand. It’s the last gas station you’ll encounter before finally climbing up the mountain. After you head up, there won’t be any more! So remember to refill gas! After leaving Wufeng Township, it’ll take around half an hour before you reach Qingquan Scenic Area. The Wufeng itinerary will mostly focus on traveling through this area. Qingquan Scenic Area’s surroundings are lovely and serene. As a result, this is where the famous author Sanmao chose to settle down. When visiting Qingquan Scenic Area, be sure to visit Sanmao’s residence. You can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and quietly enjoy the peaceful clear spring scenery.
Qingquan Scenic Area also is the residence of Zhang Xueliang. The mansion next to the hot spring area was originally where he resided, however it is now a cultural exhibition hall. Inside, you can see pictures of Zhang Xueliang as well as many historical relics. Standing inside the wooden house, it’s as if you’ve traveled back in time to the years long past. The Qingquan hot springs also provide free foot baths, so if you and your traveling party have some extra time on your hands, you may go for a dip in the hot springs or even split the costs for a bathhouse bath~
You can find suspension bridge inside Qingquan Scenic Area, stretching across the Shangping Creek. With just the right amount of water, the sight of the rippling and billowing creek waters is quite majestic. Many stalls and shopkeepers have also set up shop within the Toumu Plaza of the scenic area, selling various sorts of aboriginal delicacies. It’s recommended that you make a stop here for lunch. You can even buy some foodstuffs to take with you for the duration of your journey. There are fewer businesses and shops within the mountain area, so foods are harder to come by.  Qingquan Scenic Area is considered to be the mountain area’s most bustling hub; ,ost merchants are gathered here, so why not take the time to replenish while you’re at it? Afterwards, you may prepare to camp!
There are many campsites located throughout the Wufeng area. There are also several bed & breakfasts to choose from. You can choose whatever accommodation method works for you. Every campsite is unique in its own way, but they all share one thing in common: quiet and beautiful nights! Untouched by light pollution, you can hear the cries and buzzes of insects within the Wufeng mountain area and gaze at a sky full of stars. The silent evening with a breeze is quite romantic.

Enjoy the delight of camping on the second day! Wake up early and take in the fresh and clean mountain air. Cook your own breakfast, and spend a leisurely and relaxing morning. Afterwards pack up, and prepare to head down.

If you didn’t get to take a dip in the hot springs earlier, you may use this time to do so as your embark on your return trip. The previously mentioned Toumu Plaza is a great place for stocking up on food. So if it happens to be noontime, you can choose to have lunch here or head down towards the Hsinchu area to eat. Don’t set too many limits; after all it’s a lot more interesting to have a bit more flexibility when it comes to traveling, not to mention more fun as well~


Tips for Travelers:
 Recommended mode of travel: Driving
 Scenery Route: Day One: Zhudong Market→Qingquan Scenic Area: Zhang Xueliang Former Residence/Jiangjun Hot Springs/Sanmao Meng Residence/Qingquan Suspension Bridge/Toumu Plaza→Camp for the night. Day Two: Pack up camp→Shanshang Renjia Farm→Qingquan Hot Springs.

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