【Light Travel】Stay for a Night at Taiping Shan- The Most Fantastic Mountains and Forests in the North 2017-11-22
【Light Travel】Stay for a Night at Taiping Shan- The Most Fantastic Mountains and Forests in the North
Many travelers want to head towards South-Central Taiwan or the mountains of the East and Hualien in order to experience the scenery. However you really don’t need to travel that far in order to see and experience primitive forests. Spend a spare weekend at Taiping Shan. Wander through the forests, gaze upon and enjoy the fairytale-like fog of Cuifeng Lake, lively roam around the mountains, and take a relaxing dip in the hot springs. It’s guaranteed to be a trip that will lift your spirits.
Taiping Shan is located at the intersection of Yilan and the Northern Cross Island Highway. Traffic is actually quite convenient, and regardless of whether you depart from Taipei, Taoyuan, or Hsinchu, the trip won’t take too long. Travelers can depart earlier and spend a little time at Yilan first. If leaving from Taipei, it’s not a bad idea to stop at Jiaoxi along the way. Aside from lunch and rest, you can also take a walk along Jiaoxi’s Wufengqi Waterfall. There are three waterfalls within the Wufengqi Waterfall Scenic Area, and it isn’t too difficult to walk. Gain easy and close-range access to nature as you enjoy the magnificence of the waterfall.
After leaving Jiaoxi, continue heading towards the direction of Taiping Shan. Departing from Jiaoxi, it will take around an hour before you start to climb uphill. Along the way, you and your party may also choose to make other stops. However if possible, it’s still suggested that you try and head up the mountain earlier~ The earlier you head up, the more time you’ll have to explore and walk around. The Taiping Shan National Forest Recreation Area features plenty of paths and trails for travelers. However, the Maoxing Reminiscent Trail will require riding a tram in order to enter, it’s quite the experience. This ancient trail was built during the Japanese colonial period and runs through the forest. The mountains, running water, and various sorts of plants and vegetation make it seem as if you’ve arrived at a fantasy world. A rich variety of ecological species can also be encountered along the way.
The first choice for accommodation at Taiping Shan would be the Taiping Villa. However it may be difficult to book rooms at the Taiping Villa during peak season, but you can still consider the many guesthouses and bed and breakfasts nearby, located at the mountain foothills. Many of them also possess beautiful scenery. It’s also easier to head up the mountain the next day.
Don’t laze around in bed on the second day: it’s a good and rare chance for you to get up early and experience the early mountain atmosphere. The slightly cool air as well as the mist and morning dew are energizing, and will relax your body and spirit. Comfortably eat breakfast paired with a cup of coffee, and enjoy morning in the mountains. Afterwards, start heading towards Cuifeng Lake! Cuifeng Lake is located deeper within the mountains and will take about 40 minutes by car to reach. So it’s recommended that you get up early so that you have more time.
Cuifeng Lake is an independent mountain lake surrounded by trees. Often a thin layer of fog can be encountered, making the area appear to be a fantastical wonderland. You may even accidentally think that you’ve stepped into a dream! Aside from being able to come across many different types of plants along the trail, many species of birds also spread their wings in the trees. You should keep an eye out while hiking: you may even come across some special animals and plants~
Also, don’t forget another one of Taiping Shan’s important attractions: the hot springs! Taiping Shan is renowned for its Jiuzhize Hot Springs. There’s also a natural trail close to Jiuzhize that you may hike. When visiting the mountains, take the opportunity to walk in the forests and take in their atmosphere. Jiuzhize Hot Springs provides both a bathhouse and hot spring cooking areas. Prepare your own eggs and cook a hot spring egg for yourself~

So why not spend a weekend at Taiping Shan? Get closer to natural and primitive forests, and wipe away all of your city troubles. 


Tips for Travelers:
 Recommended mode of travel: Driving
 Scenery Route: Wufengqi Waterfall→Jiaoxi Lunch→Taiping Shan National Forest Recreation Area→Maoxing Reminiscent Trail //Day Two: Mountain villa to Cuifeng Lake Trail entrance  40 minutes by car→Lake Trail 4 hours +Lake Vicinity→Jiuzhize Natural Trail→Jiuzhize Hot Springs 


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