YouBike 2015-04-23

In order to encourage citizens to use bikes as short-distance transit vehicles, the Department of Transportation (Taipei City Government) launched the Program of the “Establishment, Operation and Management of the Bike Sharing System”, also known as “YouBike”, in the hope that by equipping a urban bike lane network with a bike station service, encouraging citizens to use low-pollution and low-energy-consumption Bike Sharing as short-distance transit vehicles and reducing and replacing personal possession and use of motor vehicles, traffic congestion, environmental pollution and energy loss in the city will be improved.  YouBike is opened 24/7 and every station has a self-service machine (Kiosk) where users can apply for membership, payment and bike rental. Currently, YouBike is operating in Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taichung City and Changhua County, with more than 200 stations.  Due to its convenience and low cost, YouBike has become one of the most popular leisure activities in Taiwan.


(Source : U-bike facebook fanpage)
Rental Information
YouBike can either be used for both members and non-members. The membership can be registered by the self-service machine or any service centre. The rental steps are as followed:
  1. Before selecting a bicycle, please check the tire pressure, brakes, and lights to confirm they are functioning properly.  In case of malfunctions, turn the seat around and select another bicycle.  If the bicycle is functioning well, then use a registered card on the sensor pad on the dock to confirm your rental;
  2. Check the indicator light – when the green indicator light stats blinking and emits a beeping sound, you can then retrieve the vehicle;
  3. Pull the bike backwards – make sure the head handles are in their straight-up positions, and then pull on the handles backwards with both hands to retrieve the vehicle;
The returning steps are as followed:
  1. Push the bike in – select an empty dock indicated by a blue light, align the head of your vehicle to the white lines on the ground, aim the bicycle lock to its docking port, then push the bike all the way in;
  2. Confirm locking – after the bike is properly docked to its port, there will be a loud clicking sound. Shift the vehicle back and front slightly to make sure it is properly locked;
  3. After the blue light on the dock blinks and emits a beeping sound, please use your card on the sensor pad on the dock to pay the rental fee. When the indicator light switches back to green, the return process is completed.
Rental Rate
  1. NT$10 per 30 mins within the first 4 hours;
  2. NT$20 per 30 mins between 4 to 8 hours;
  3. NT$40 per 30 mins exceeding 8 hours
Please note that:
  • It will calculate to 30 mins if used for less than 30 mins;
  • Taipei City Government will give NT.5 to use as a grant to YouBike member for first 30 mins since Apr.1 2015;
  • Ticket balance of member who had registered need to be greater than NT$1