【EZ Rent】Second Tent for 2ppl w/Black Faric

On Sale: NT. 399

Origina: NT. 499

* Product Specifications *

The new 2 Seconds, is just as quick to pitch and now has a special system to help you fold it down. The living space has been improved and there is an "overhang" for protection above the door. (random models) 


3Days:NT399  4-14Days
NT699  15-30Days:NT999

Deposit - NT800

Delivery- NT200 (one way)

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※It is suggested to send us the request form "at least" one week before the start of rental.
2 seconds EASY 2 Tent - for 2 people

1 vertical zip for the outer door. A "D" zip for the inner room.The entry way can be left open, rolled up and fixed to the pole.
2.Wind resistance
We test all of our tents in a wind tunnel with a rotary table to expose each side of the tent to the wind. A properly assembled tent with all the guys in position around the tent should remain habitable under wind speeds of up to 50km/h at ground level (Force 6)
1 upper rear air vent and 2 spaces between the flysheet and the ground on either side in the middle of the room to allow air to circulate and to keep the natural build-up of condensation to a minimum.
All Quechua tents are laboratory tested: the WHOLE TENT under 200 litres/hour/sqm (200mm/hour) for 4 hours! as well as in the most. (2000mm PU-coated polyester fly sheet, 120g/sqm polyethylene groundsheet, all seams sealed using thermobonded tape). A breathable polyester inner tent under the fly sheet means you aren't in contact with the condensation that forms naturally on the inside of the fly sheet.
5.Dimensions and weight; folded dimensions
Bedroom 120 cm wide by 210 cm long. Max. headroom: 98 cm. Cover: Flat, 71 cm diameter disc.Weight: 2.9 kg
2 pockets for storing you things in the bedroom.
7.Poles, pegs
Poles: solid fibreglass for excellent break resistance. Tent pegs: 5 mm galvanised steel pegs for good twisting resistance.
8.Sun protection
The fabric flysheet filters UV rays with a SPF of 30. Please note: a significant amount of UV rays can enter through a single open door: protect your skin.
Quick installation. Free-standing tent (place it wherever you like, and if there's no wind, no need for pegs = ready to use!). Easy folding using our "easy" guiding system.

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Rental Terms and Conditions:

Before renting, please carefully read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed below. Completion of a rental form and the rental process indicates the renter agreeing to the clauses below.

Booking Process:
Click「 Fill out Rental Form 」→Fill form out thoroughly and carefully→Submit form →After we have confirmed your request, please check the rental details and prices sent to you →When those details are confirmed, please agree to pay the rental fee and deposit. →We will provide you with a payment link→Once the payment is finished, the booking process is complete →Arrange for equipment pick up.
Return: Return equipment→After equipment has been returned to Xtreme Taiwan, they will undergo a check →Wait for results of equipment check→Once it has been verified that there is no missing or damaged equipment; the deposit will be refunded as soon as possible.

Rental Period:
The renter will be asked to fill out a form containing the rental date and return date. If equipment is not returned on time by the agreed date, renter will be charged for every additional late day with 50 % of the rental fee as a late charge.  (Anything under 24 hours counts as one rental day).

1. In addition to the rental fee, renter is required to pay a refundable deposit during the time of booking. After the rented equipment is returned and confirmed to not be damaged or missing, the deposit will be refunded in full. Deposit will typically be returned within 7 working days, either through the bank or through our online payment system (綠界ECpay). Please note:
a., the payment system (綠界ECpay) will charge 2.5% from the returned deposit as the system service charge.
b. If refund is transferred to a non-designated bank account, a 15 NT fee will be charged (designated bank: Yushan Bank).
2. Renters should take care in using rental equipment. If any man-made damages are discovered, Xtreme Taiwan shall seek compensation. Such penalties will be deducted from the deposit.
3. If there is any loss or damage to the equipment, the original cost of the equipment must be compensated.
4. If the deposit is not sufficient enough to cover the cost of compensation, Xtreme Taiwan will charge renters for additional costs.
5. Renters should carefully clean equipment before returning them. If returned equipment is in dirty or poor condition, we will charge a cleaning fee. The cleaning fee will be 50 % of the rental cost.
6. In case of rainy or humid weather, Renters should fully clean and dry the equipment before returning them. If equipment is not cleaned or dried upon return, we will charge a cleaning fee. If extra time is needed to clean equipment, please contact us to waive the extension fee.

Rental Delivery & Return:
1. Please return equipment according to the time filled out on the rental form. 
2.  Equipment transportation: For equipment delivery/pickup, please provide an acceptable address and contact number. In the event of lost of goods or any subsequent liabilities due to a failure to provide correct information, the responsibility will fall solely on the renter. Please return the equipment according to the scheduled time. If the date of transportation or location must be changed, please contact us 48 hours in advance. If renter is unable to be there on time on the day of transportation, we will still collect the rental fee for that day.

Rescheduling and Cancellations:
1. If cancelled or rescheduled 14 days before the scheduled pick up date, we will refund you in full.
2. If cancelled or rescheduled 7-13 days before the scheduled pick up date, we will take 15 % of the rental fee as a service charge.
3. If cancelled or rescheduled 3-6 days before the scheduled pick up date, we will take 30 % of the rental fee as a service charge.
4. If cancelled or rescheduled 2 days before the scheduled pick up date, we will take 50 % of the rental fee as a service charge.

In the Event of  Natural Disasters or Other Unpredictable Factors:
1. According to typhoon warnings issued by the Weather Bureau, if there is a medium intensity or higher level typhoon on land, a rental may be rescheduled free of cost for the first time only. Failure to reschedule will be treated as a forfeit of interest, and no refunds will be given.

Completion of the rental process and payment of  the rental fee indicates the renter agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above. Xtreme Taiwan reserves the right to make reasonable changes at any time to relevant clauses. In the case of a dispute, Xtreme Taiwan holds the rights to make the final decision on all matters.

Shopping Important

※​If you would like to purchase more than 10 sets, you can directly contact us by e-mail or add your request to the note in the request form.