Ni hao Taiwan II

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* Product Specifications *

The world's first multimedia postcard

The set includes:

  • 15 minutes of HD high-resolution video

  • 18 art-grade multimedia postcards

  • 1 Hello Taiwan Notebook

  • Size: 12.5x17.2x1.3cm

  • Taiwan delivery included 

Our story

Only by leaving can one know the meaning of coming back
During midsummer 2012, the bustling pace of Hong Kong is as fast as ever. High-rise buildings stand as usual and we unload the burden of our work for a while. As we leave, standing on the deck of the Kowloon Star Ferry, we cannot recall the familiar cordial greetings. Even though the immediate scenery dazzles with its beauty, there is no unforgettable, simple touching memory deep in our minds. Eager to recapture the warmth of Taiwan, we had gone to many postcard stores trying to remember the taste of Taiwan. We were unable to find even the slightest shadow of beautiful Taiwan. A layer of fog floated before our eyes, there was a sour taste in our mouths, misty thoughts floated into our minds, "Why no Taiwan? Should we do something for Taiwan?" The idea rose slowly in our minds, our running feet were driven by hot blood, we resolved to return to the island to take up the mission of the Taiwanese. It was time to dedicate ourselves ─ we must let more people know about Taiwan, so that they could see the unforgettable beauty with their own eyes.

Because we "love"… we offer our selfless hearts
We are a group of passionate professionals who love this piece of land. We are photographers who press the shutter to catch the beauty of Taiwan with life and love. We are young people from different walks of life, who devote ourselves with great enthusiasm to Taiwan. Printed photographs are the mark of our profession. We use the most advanced printing technology to produce stories that belong to you, embodied in prints of absolutely the highest quality imaginable. We relay these stories, which belong to you and me, with the most sincere heart, to archive the pure beauty of Taiwan. A simple greeting that opens the way to a touching journey…

"Li-Ho Taiwan"! Nice to meet you

After a long period of germination, the idea finally became practical action. The self-imposed demands of the team for the highest professional quality, has crystallized as the product ─ "Li-Ho Taiwan" ─ rich and diverse and full of surprises. Eighteen beautiful scenes were selected from more than 5000 pictures. Each is captured on an art level postcard and records a unique scene of stunning beauty.
The letters of Formosa pour out the timeline of the story behind each image. And far-reaching electronic postcards allow people to deliver their kind feelings at any time. High definition video presents the spirit of Taiwan in a most authentic way. The variety of "Li-Ho Taiwan" retains the beauty of the land and passes on love and sharing. We hope that all the beauty of Taiwan will be seen, heard and become known to many people in every part of the world.

We will continue this good work

We condense touching moments into these superb postcards and we make the images dance with the beauty of Taiwan. We make kindly feelings become alive with the sincere human touch of Taiwan. Each handwritten blessing is filled with the atmosphere of the land. However, the island is always changing and so we will continue to update the latest and most immediate beauty of Taiwan each year. We will record the land, all its changes in style and all its transformations. We are deeply involved and promise to pay attention and continue our records into the future

Li-Ho, welcome to Taiwan
We cordially welcome you to our Island and will take you on a pictorial journey that will show you the unique beauty of Taiwan. When you feel the charm of this land, and become touched by it, please allow us to say again loudly, and with confidence: "Li-Ho, welcome to Taiwan, we hope you come to love this land as we do!"


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